Always wanted to test in a role of the professional billiard-player, but the destiny has led you on other way? Well! Today you have a chance to liquidate this blank in the life, having downloaded this virtual billiards! High quality 3D schedules will ship you in atmosphere billiardian club for professionals. Show the possession of a cue and learn taste of a victory or bitterness of defeat. Play you can both with the virtual contender, and with the friend, in a mode for two players. Only sober mind, a keen eye and the competent miscalculation of trajectories will define the winner in this game - here there are no accidents! Controls: Mouse - view, aiming Left Shift - Change mode (top view \ simple 3D view) W,S \ mouse wheel (Up,Down) - The strength of hitting the ball Left Mouse Button - Strike the ball Right Mouse Button - Changing the point of hitting the ball (choice of field, white ball, which will take a blow)



hernandez.3100 28:05:2012, 23:04

salut tous le monde

alan 26:05:2012, 11:03

:) i wanna play

armando 18:05:2012, 02:05

me gusta jugar

musiano 04:05:2012, 15:02

ungazob serious

abwsltan 29:04:2012, 21:09

nice good

domingo Pineda 29:04:2012, 02:06

El juego de Billar es un deporte sano para desarrollar las abilidades y detrasa del ser humano.

chuta 20:04:2012, 21:53

i love this game

anony 04:04:2012, 19:46

Amazing product couldn't be;ieve it was free especially the realism of graphics is amazing. Plus the site did give what it promised unlike most of the software or gaming sites on Internet. Kudos to programmer and site owner plus for vistors reading this, download it and play, you won't be disappointed.

Andy Kurniawan 14:03:2012, 23:31

Tank you ferry much...!!!

spaik 01:03:2012, 06:20

:) i wanna play

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