Russian Off Road Pickup Driver

OffRoad Cargo Pickup Driver - Russian cargo carrier on-road simulator. In this game you sit behind the wheel of the legendary Russian UAZ 302 truck, and you have to carry the load without damaging it or losing anything. You will find 16 levels in each location, and there are 3 types of locations (forest, winter hill errain, deserted city). On your way you will encounter bad weather, mud puddles and other various obstacles! Transfer the all loads and become the best carrier of goods on the legendary Soviet lorry!

Forward! Cargo is waiting for you.

Features of the game:

- Modern graphics and physics
- Realistic controls and a physical model of the truck
- More than 40 levels
- Various cargo (wood, cans, boxes, barrels, and much more)
- Different weather effects (rain, snow, fog, sandstorms)
- And much more is waiting for you!



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