Avto K

AvtoK is a multi auto-clicker software for recording and playback of actions performed by your keyboard and mouse. These recordings can be played at any time, any number of times. Despite the apparent simplicity of the main window it is quite powerful in its class. Applications include games and websites that require routine actions for anything. Automate tedious and repetitive actions on the computer. By setting the control points fairly complex actions can be organized. Auto-clicker usage examples: Recording and playback of actions with a keyboard and mouse with the ability to save as a compact file. Discover various documents and running programs for the settings window. Work from across the screen, and within specific selected windows. If you are working in a particular window, and this window is opened when playing in the wrong place when recording, auto-clicker chooses the optimal window coordinates. Ability to set while recording control points during playback allows you to analyze the image on the screen and synchronize it with the record. For example, make some action on a website or in the game and after this you will see a specific image. Reference point during the recording will give us confidence that auto-clicker continues only if and only if we require the image to appear on the screen. Operation of auto-clicker is extremely simple. Just work with the keyboard and mouse as usual, placing control points where necessary and the program is recorded.



sirrom 17:05:2014, 19:01

Thanks a lot for this program. i use it for coping cells from excel to a website form :)

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