A little old man is trying to save his innocent planet from being taken over by a villain named Gnumanikus, and to catch him in the process. Help him in this difficult endeavor. You have three characters to play as, each with unique abilities. Use them to overcome obstacles on the way to capturing Gnumanikus and rescuing a dying planet. To clear a level you must secure all three characters on the colored cones with the antidote. Throughout the game you will encounter a variety of obstacles and enemies. In the upper right corner, three buttons are displayed: Restart level, volume control and exit menu. In the upper left corner are icons that indicate the status of each character. At higher levels, by clicking on the icon you can dictate the moves of each character. Completing the level can earn one, two or three stars, and this depends on the number of freaks who survived to the end of the level. In the final, twentieth level, you will have to take on the boss himself - Gnumanikus . You have 60 seconds to dodge fireballs hurled by the villain. The game world is divided into four planets. Each planet has its own climate and native creatures.



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