Dungeon Realm is a first-person action game about exploring underground. Explore a large number of levels, where enemies are becoming more difficult with each new dungeon. You will take on the role of a fearless hero tasked with ridding the kingdom of the forces of evil! You will have to go down to the dungeons full of monsters to complete your mission. A bloody meat grinder awaits you! Arm yourself to the teeth and embark on a perilous quest for glory and treasure. It's time to show your skills and abilities with weapons! In Dungeon Realm you can play as a warrior knight or an archer girl. Each of these characters has different gameplay and you can choose what you like best. For the money you receive for completing the levels, you can buy yourself a new weapon that will strengthen you. In the game Dungeon Realm you will find cartoon graphics and pleasant music.

- Many challenging and varied levels
- 2 playable characters: archer and warrior
- Cartoon graphics and nice music
- Various weapons
- Dynamic gameplay



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