The player will need to sequentially open 12 chests with knowledge of physics and then pass the test (you can try to pass the test without opening the chests). This is given 20 minutes of time and 100 pieces of cartridges. The chests are under the cubes. The cubes are guarded by fire breathing dragons. We must shoot the dragon. In this case, the distance of the action of the shot coincides with the distance of the action of the dragon's flame. After that, you will need to hit the center of the target on the cube. The cube will explode and release the knowledge chest. When the character approaches the chest, he will open and release the knowledge stored in it. Twice per game (at the 4th and 8th chests), it will be possible to replenish the number of cartridges by 20 pieces. Once between the 6th and 7th chests, it will be possible to replenish the character's life by 50%. After opening the 12th chest, it will be possible to pass a screening test on the knowledge gained. The test contains 12 questions with 4 possible answers to them. If the answer is correct, the corresponding signal is given, if the answer is incorrect, one life burns out (there are five of them in total). If the quiz is successfully completed, the picture "Winner" opens, when all 5 lives are burned up, the picture "Loser" opens. The game is made in 6 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese and Ukrainian.



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