His name is Joseph. He is a tireless adventurer. He had a duty to steal an ancient relic from the temple of Shiva. By these actions he revived the spirits that protected it. They came in this world to regain the relic and kill our friend. Let's accompany Joseph in his journey and return a relic back to the temple. This is an infinite runner game. You play as a guy named Joseph. He should collect coins and avoid obstacles. There are 3 different locations in the game, which are cyclically repeated. After you beat the first three locations for the first time (in either Classic or Arcade mode), the Boss will become available. Oh, yeah! The speed of the hero increases as the time goes. You can slow it down by catching a shiny diamond that will add 1000 points to your score. There are checkpoints in "Arcade" mode, but not every achievement can be unlocked. Good luck! Two game modes, boss stage, minigames, achievements, bonuses and more, in this wonderful runner!



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