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Ellipse Selection Tool
The Ellipse selection toolThese tools are used to select portions of the icon you're working with. These selections can then
be moved around, copied, or edited without affecting the rest of the image.

To use the Ellipse Selection Tool:

  1. Click on the Ellipse Selection Tool Icon.
  2. With the left button, click and hold the button to begin your selection. Where you click will become one of the corners of the
    rectangular selection area.
  3. Drag the mouse diagonally to where you want the opposite corner of the rectangular area to be.
  4. Release the mouse button.

Things you can do with the selected area:

  • Copy or Cut and Paste: To copy the selection, press Ctrl-C. To cut the selection from the icon, press Ctrl-X. After Copying or
    Cutting, you can Paste the selection by pressing Ctrl-V. By Pasting multiple times, you can achieve a mosaic or collage-like effect.
  • Move: Left-click anywhere inside the guide box and hold down the button to "pick up" the selection, and then drag the mouse
    to move the selection to another icon area. It will "float" over the rest of the icon, allowing you to position it wherever you want it to be.
    Release the mouse button to "let go" of the selection.
  • De-selecting the area: To de-select the area, either activate a different Tool by clicking on it in the Toolbar, or make a new selection.
    You can't have more than one selection active at a time. Once the selection is de-selected, it becomes part of the icon.
Hotkey for using this Tool is Shift + E.