750 Space Explorer
Space Explorer Download Free!

Space Explorer

SpaceExplorer is a game in which you have to dodge asteroids. The goal of the game is to fly as long as possible to live in space.
751 Get Out
Get Out Download Free!

Get Out

You were imprisoned in a magical prison. To get out, collect the necessary artifacts and overcome all obstacles in your path!
752 Knights Maze
Knights Maze Download Free!

Knights Maze

Four brave knights in search of treasures found themselves in an ancient labyrinth. Get them out of there, but don't forget about the traps. Go around them, solve small tasks on your way, at the end of which you will be closer and closer to freedom! Knight's maze is a puzzle with a view from the top. The task of the game is to collect gold coins and leave the room bypassing obstacles due to bombs and bayonets. As you progress through the puzzles will become more difficult because in addition to increasing the number of traps, the number of knights will also increase.
753 Gravity Jump
Gravity Jump Download Free!

Gravity Jump

Gravity Jump - the Goal of the game is to control the flight of a blue cube that continuously moves between red cubes. When you encounter them, the game ends. Control is performed by pressing the "Space" key, in which the blue cube makes a small jump up. In the absence of jerks, the blue cube falls due to gravity, and the game also ends. To complete the level, you need to collect a certain number of green cubes.
754 Oil Vein
Oil Vein Download Free!

Oil Vein

Oil Vein is a game in which you play as an oil producing company. You can hire new workers and improve oil production. When selling oil, be sure to look at the current price, because it is constantly changing.
755 Cosmo Cat
Cosmo Cat Download Free!

Cosmo Cat

"Cosmo Cat" is a video game in the genre of Shoot`em up. In it, you play as one of three characters (damage / health / speed) and fight off aliens. In total, the game has 6 levels + Boss + endless level. With each level, complexity is greatly increasing and in order to pass it you need to improve your character for coins earned in battle. The game has 5 types of enemies + Boss opening gradually. Despite its size, the game can captivate for hours.
756 Toxick
Toxick Download Free!


This game tells about a Scientist-Engineer who is trying to survive in a room around which there are mutants eager to kill the main character! You are given the opportunity to put turrets at a maximum of 4 per game, also there are barrels next to you that can be used as a barricade and you have a gun, how long will you last? It depends on you.
BALL SHOOTER 2 Download Free!


BallShooter is a game in which you have to survive from enemies to earn money, and buy upgrades and weapons. The more time you survive, the greater the reward for opponents.
758 Bomb Boy
Bomb Boy Download Free!

Bomb Boy

BombBoy is a retro-style hardcore 2D arcade game. You will find 5 levels with many different obstacles. Each level is limited in time, which contributes a fraction of the voltage to the gameplay. Help the hero go through the maze and overcome all difficulties.
759 Control Sky
Control Sky Download Free!

Control Sky

You need to protect the planet from a meteor shower. Download it and see if you can contain the pressure. Go ahead and don't stop.
760 Grow Fish
Grow Fish Download Free!

Grow Fish

Grow Fish is a game in which you need to grow your fish. Click on the fish, get points and spend them on improvements.
761 Bacterium War
Bacterium War Download Free!

Bacterium War

You have to save an ordinary person from death. Fight off evil bacteria, destroy viruses and recover from hard trials. An exciting arcade game in the genre of tower defence. P - pause, Left mouse button - cause damage to bacteria. Enjoy yourself!
762 Hard Block Breacker
Hard Block Breacker Download Free!

Hard Block Breacker

In this game you will move the platform catching the ball. To pass the level, you need to destroy all the blocks of the ball. There are only 3 levels, but they will only be in a very good reaction. We are fast and very difficult to catch.
763 Dodge Dude
Dodge Dude Download Free!

Dodge Dude

Dodge, Dude! Hi, dude, call me Mr. O. You probably don't understand what you're doing on this page. This is a game created by a novice developer Neken together with Anton Malezhik. These 2 developers will be happy if you rate their game. In short, everything is just going left to right "A" "D". Jump "W", just like in normal games. You will have to Dodge drops and arrows. You also have to catch coins to buy a cool skin. And Yes, the game still has amps that you can use to speed up, resurrect, and more...
764 Click Monster
Click Monster Download Free!

Click Monster

An incredibly colorful and dynamic clicker, in which you have to plunge into the world of unique monsters, visit amazing worlds and acquire new improvements over time. ClickMonster - A hardcore clicker where the player must call on monsters, buy upgrades, collect gold and advance through unique worlds in complete infinity.
765 Alien Cat 2
Alien Cat 2 Download Free!

Alien Cat 2

And again the universe is under attack, but while Alien cat is on guard, she has nothing to worry about, because he is able to deal with any troubles. Alien cat 2 - is a puzzle with a top view in which we act as a small black cat on whose shoulders non-human tests fell. The task of the game is to collect gold coins and leave the room by entering the portal, but in reality it will not be so simple because the rooms are equipped with traps due to bombs and bayonets. In addition, for unknown reasons, our hero will be cloned when the button is pressed. And you cant put your doubles at risk, and this at times complicates the task since the clones duplicate the movements of our hero.
766 The Falling
The Falling Download Free!

The Falling

Just falling is not as easy as it might seem. How long can you fly down? Try your hand!
767 Ancient Evil
Ancient Evil Download Free!

Ancient Evil

ANCIENT EVIL is a real-time tactical puzzle game where you need to pass severe tests and win the final battle with the enemy.
768 Doctor Raven
Doctor Raven Download Free!

Doctor Raven

Clouds were gathering over Europe. An unknown until now, the disease spread with the speed of a forest fire in all major cities. The plague doctors from the Black Raven Order sent their best fighter to one of the infected cities. There, according to unconfirmed rumors, is the secret to solving this disaster. Therefore, you have to sweat a little, destroy all the enemies and reach the boss!
769 The Flying Slug
The Flying Slug Download Free!

The Flying Slug

TheFlyingSlug is a hardcore 2D pixel art clicker. In the game you have to go through 7 difficult levels with a lot of obstacles. By collecting yellow slugs, you can unlock new costumes for your character. Help the green slug go through all the obstacles and get the right to own the most fashionable costume. Do you have the strength and patience to overcome all difficulties?
770 Ultra Bomber
Ultra Bomber Download Free!

Ultra Bomber

UltraBomberman is an intergalactic space explorer, he traveling on his spaceship in search of countless treasures of the galaxy. During the next flight, the ship collides with a meteor and the UltraBomberman crashes on an abandoned planet E-45-L. You have to explore the abandoned ruins, full of secrets and dangers, to find the missing parts from the spacecraft. Up / down / left / right arrow control, space, pause - P.
771 Escape To World
Escape To World Download Free!

Escape To World

EscapeToWorld is an adventure game with puzzle and shooter elements. In this game you have to go through 10 rooms and defeat the boss at the very end to escape. In addition to puzzles, the game has elements of a shooter, monsters roam the dungeon, which can be easily neutralized thanks to weapons.
772 Run Frig
Run Frig Download Free!

Run Frig

FrigRun. A game in the runner genre and in the style of 2d. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the level without dying. On the way you will be disturbed by various weapons, enemies, spikes. You can change gravity and shoot bombs at enemies or barrels to destroy them. You should collect 10 red bottles along the way. At the end of the game you will meet a boss who must be defeated with his bombs. The game is controlled by two buttons: "F", "Space". Have a nice walk!
773 Coincollector
Coincollector Download Free!


Coincollector - an arcade jump with coins! Earn coins, jump on platforms, set your record, choose a suit and character color. Management: arrows. Genre: Arcade.
774 Balloon 2
Balloon 2 Download Free!

Balloon 2

Balloon - an arcade balloon simulator! Avoid getting on a plane, lightning and thunder. You play as a red ball. The game has fun music! Management: a mouse. Genre: Arcade.
775 Dodge
Dodge Download Free!


Dodge is a fun arcade game with elements of hardcore! You need to avoid getting spears from the sky! You play as a clever ninja! The game has points and nice music! Genre: Arcade. Management: arrows.
776 Pixelperil
Pixelperil Download Free!


Pixelperil is a fascinating arcade game at the speed of your reaction! You need to get around the red men and use various abilities. Blue - helps to hide. The red barrier is killing. Genre: Arcade. Management: arrows and spacebar.
777 Little Garden
Little Garden Download Free!

Little Garden

Little Garden can offer you to grow your own plants right on the windowsill. The game boasts nice pixel graphics and lots of content. You will pump your items for growing plants. Fertilize your plants to accelerate growth. And of course, repair your pot. All this awaits you in an exciting Little Garden clicker game!
778 Vampire Treasures
Vampire Treasures Download Free!

Vampire Treasures

A scroller game about a little vampire girl who must collect as many treasures on a ship as possible and leave it. You can't touch the barrels, they take one life from a character who has only 5. Run to the end of the ship and save the vampire girl.
779 Fair N Square
Fair N Square Download Free!

Fair N Square

Fair N Square is a 2D shooter. You will have to go through many waves. To go through them you will have to choose weapons and effects: sword, pistol, shotgun and machine gun. Also effects: speed of movement, jumps and 3 jumps. There are many other cubes, these are your enemies. Your task is to kill them. But be careful, they can give back!
780 Off The Balls
Off The Balls Download Free!

Off The Balls

Off The Balls will bring you a lot of emotions. You are a circle and you need to survive in this difficult world. Aim at the enemies and kill them. There are 4 types of circle - ordinary enemy, spikes, void, golden circle and first aid kit. You need to move constantly to survive!
781 Kings Under The Hill
Kings Under The Hill Download Free!

Kings Under The Hill

Kings under the hill is a side-scrolling real time strategy with fully customizable units and destructible randomly generated maps. You have to fight not only with your enemy but also you should take into account the external forces that can help or hurt.
782 Guns VS Cars
Guns VS Cars Download Free!

Guns VS Cars

GunsVSCars is fun where you put your guns. Which protects you from cars. Buy new guns, put mines the main thing that cars did not pass. You have 11 guns in your arsenal that will help you. Good luck in this not easy war.
783 Battle With Cockroaches
Battle With Cockroaches Download Free!

Battle With Cockroaches

You were on a large table, where huge cockroaches crawl. You must destroy them! At your disposal is a tank with an unlimited charges. Also on this table there are temporary improvements that will help you in the battle with cockroaches. Cockroach bosses appear from time to time, which are harder to kill than usual. Tanks, cockroaches, upgrades and a table - all this in my game! Have fun!
784 Flight Of The Fat Bumblebee
Flight Of The Fat Bumblebee Download Free!

Flight Of The Fat Bumblebee

A thick bumblebee flies through the field and dodges obstacles. Do not collide with plants and fall to the ground, otherwise the bumblebee will die. The game has a highscore system. Single-space control. Are you ready? Then flew !!!
785 Bad Game
Bad Game Download Free!

Bad Game

Bad Game is a little square game. You will need to cling to cubes in order to survive. Click on the cube to cling to the cube, you can also destroy cubes to get balls. But there are still cubes that cannot be touched, otherwise death. In the store you can buy many improvements for the game!
786 Cube TD
Cube TD Download Free!

Cube TD

You will fight with aggressive spheres and try to defend your castle from invasion. But will only spheres attack you or something else? Exciting TD game will present you with a real challenge of 20 levels.
787 Human Vs Zombies
Human Vs Zombies Download Free!

Human Vs Zombies

Hold out as long as possible against crowds of zombies advancing on all sides. They want to eat you. But you are a toughie.
788 Doodle Run 3D
Doodle Run 3D Download Free!

Doodle Run 3D

Doogle Run 3D is the new top runner from Vlasov Sergey Apps! In the game you will see a variety of obstacles and a good soundtrack! Jump over stones and cacti!
789 Dodges
Dodges Download Free!


Dodges - an exciting arcade game where you need your reaction! You play as a white cube (initially), but blocks fly on you! In the game, score points, and you have the opportunity to change the texture! Genre: Arcade. Management: a mouse.
790 Happy Fly
Happy Fly Download Free!

Happy Fly

HappyFly is a fun game. In which you play as a red bird. Dodge obstacles and catch coins. If you miss a coin, you will lose. Bird management on SPACE.
791 Nupler
Nupler Download Free!


The game "Nupler" is a fascinating entertainment. In it you have to dodge the blocks and thereby earn points. In the settings, you can change the speed of the character and the number of falling blocks, which will add complexity. The game can drag on for a long time, and also causes a desire to compete with friends. Simple gameplay mechanics along with musical accompaniment and the number of collected points create an exciting game. The game is developed on unity because of what it can be loaded for a long time.
792 Run Or Fight
Run Or Fight Download Free!

Run Or Fight

RUN OR FIGHT is a game in which you need to survive at dangerous levels, where various traps await you, in the form of mines, fire geysers, evil aliens ... You need to survive an alien creation, for this you need to perform various tasks, from destroying the aggressor to moving from point to point. In the struggle for life, an alien weapon will help you jerk and your ability to concentrate. The levels are arenas with traps, shooting towers, evil enemies ... The task at the level is not always obvious, so be careful, sometimes you just need to destroy all the enemies on the map, sometimes activate points, and there are times when you just need to run to the final destination. The task is complicated by the fact that the action takes place surrounded by lava, acid and other dangerous substances, falling into which an inevitable loss follows. At some levels, you need to activate the buttons in random order, so that a weapon appears that will help in the fight. Otherwise, you have to fight back with your fists. Enemies also do not sleep, be careful, there are buildings from which they appear, which means that the original purpose of these buildings.
793 Pingponger
Pingponger Download Free!


Pingponger - an exciting table tennis simulator! You have to play with a strong bot, try to get into the opponent's empty space. There are no restrictions, play for fun! Management: a mouse.
794 Flappymarble
Flappymarble Download Free!


Flappymarble - a simulator of the legendary flappy bird on your computer! But now you have to play for the red dot, the game has a menu, and similar sounds as in the original version! Control the red dot with LMB. Set your record!
795 Brinkofwar
Brinkofwar Download Free!


Brink Of War - an exciting strategy of the Middle Ages! You have to play for the blue castle, and capture the rest! Choose your path of attack development, use cavalry: archers, swordsmen, batons, and even catapults! Each new round is harder! Management: mouse. Genre: strategy.
796 Zombiedefer
Zombiedefer Download Free!


On the street at night 1973, all over the world a zombie apocalypse! You are the owner of the old castle, from the weapon you have only arrows left. Defend your castle and your life by shooting zombies. Over time, the horde of zombies becomes bigger and stronger ... Management: LMB.
797 Footcat
Footcat Download Free!


Play football with your friends, football with cats! You need to score two goals in the opponents goal in order to win. The camera in the game follows the big ball. Management: arrows, wasd. Genre: Sports arcade.
798 Zombieshoot
Zombieshoot Download Free!


Zombieshoot - an arcade survival simulator in the zombie world! Shoot zombies from various weapons, and earn Zombie coins - fast and dangerous. There is a store in the game! Management: wasd, LMB.
799 Bouncyninja
Bouncyninja Download Free!


You play as a red ninja, you need to keep balance and repel the attack of enemies at the same time. Catch shurikens and twist somersaults, but don't lose balance. Set your personal best with friends! Genre: Arcade. Management: arrows - movement, and a space - to throw shurikens.
800 Cube Run
Cube Run Download Free!

Cube Run

CubeRun is a difficult runner in which you are able to run. Be careful about osbstacles. They will kill you immediately.