1200 70 Seconds Adventure
70 Seconds Adventure Download Free!

70 Seconds Adventure

70 seconds! Adventure is a game in which you need to wander around locations in search of a way out. You will have to overcome intricate locations filled with aggressive monsters and various bosses. Choose your weapon, arm yourself with it and go to the dangerous world. Destroy aggressive bosses, find funny easter eggs and various weapons. You will always remember this adventure!
TITAN HUNTER Download Free!


TITAN HUNTER - roguelike game where you are forced to wander around the world in search of the TITANS who destroyed your people. You will have to go through the intricate locations filled with aggressive monsters and powerful weapons. Choose your hero arm yourself with powerful weapons and go to a dangerous world. Destroy aggressive monsters and bosses, find funny references and Easter eggs, meet different partners or interesting crooks and interact with them. Go through a hell that you never dreamed of, find the Oldest of the genus TITAN and destroy it thereby freeing his people from their centuries-old supervision filled with horror and fear. Become a hero who will save the world.
1202 Last Protection
Last Protection Download Free!

Last Protection

Barbarians are trying to enslave your Kingdom, stop them! Build towers that will fire at the enemy. Also, towers have their own unique features that should be used wisely. Use additional skills to keep the enemy away from your castle. Mine the path of enemies, use the slowdown to obstruct the path of the enemy, use the explosion to destroy the crowds of enemies. Can you fight off the hordes of barbarians who destroy everything in their path?
RAKVAL Download Free!


All of our lives - ILV, and you in it - Telegram. In this war, only the strongest will survive, who will be able to bypass all the blockages and invasions of enemies. You do not have to meet the enemy face to face, but what you do, will cause significant damage to the scoundrel. At the end of everything you will get something more than a reward. Namely freedom, because of its lack of unnecessary all other things. So go! Fight your way to freedom and show your enemies who you are! You have to control the plane of freedom and try not to get under lock. Try not to crash into obstacles on the way to reach the cherished goal-freedom.
1204 City Down Defender
City Down Defender Download Free!

City Down Defender

In the game City Down Defender you have to defend the city from a missile attack with a huge gun. Train your reaction for better results, and great music and vibrant graphics will not let you get bored.
1205 Mega Planet Defense
Mega Planet Defense Download Free!

Mega Planet Defense

Mega Planet Defense is an exciting action game in which you have to protect the planet from the threat of cosmic proportions! The planet fell into the asteroid belt, and only your ship is able to protect it. Shoot the asteroids before they reach its surface, collect extra lives and set records!
1206 Rover
Rover Download Free!


This game was created by me in honor of the first 1000 downloads under my last game (KLICKS). I create games quickly, but I put my soul into each of them. Rover is a small game for those who want to play a little simple but interesting game. You have to play for the rover, which is supposed to explore the caves of the red planet.
KLICKS Download Free!


This game is for those who are tired of the monotonous games. 3D graphics at maximum speed and complex story bored? Then my game is for you. A bunch of modes and a simple but addictive gameplay. And most importantly, the game starts even on a PC 12 years ago.
1208 Survival Or Die
Survival Or Die Download Free!

Survival Or Die

The main character, against his own will, falls on the popular reality show, "SURVIVAL or DIE". Created by an unknown psychopath and a sadist who kidnaps people and throws them into the cellars, which are huge mazes with many doors and passages, these cellars are also inhabited by bloodthirsty zombies who want to gobble up the hero. SURVIVAL or DIE - This is a Rogue-like, action-packed shooter in pixel style. A charming game, gloomy but fun at the same time, will appeal to fans of the genre at first sight!
TANKMAN Download Free!


TANKMAN is a top-view TDS arena shooter where the player acts as a fearless tankman. The task is to hold out in the arena and defeat all enemies. Do not let the enemy tanks knock yourself out, one hit and you are a corpse, but the universe throws up help for you in the form of boosts for your combat vehicle, including: rate of fire, increased movement speed, additional armor, mines and a special type of projectile, "rebound" !!! But don't sleep, your enemies can also take advantage of these gifts of fate.
1210 Evil Robots
Evil Robots Download Free!

Evil Robots

Doomsday has come! Robots rebelled against humanity. Damned robots enslave the earth and destroy everything in its path. Only you can save humanity! Evil Robots is the classic defense of its base in the Rise of the Machine setting. Defend the base and get improvement points. Hordes of enemies will try to break through the defenses. Give them a tough fight back. Defend the approaches to your base, withstand several attacks using 10 types of cool weapons with the possibility of improvements.
1211 Cat Doesnt Like Banana
Cat Doesnt Like Banana Download Free!

Cat Doesnt Like Banana

Cat doesn't like banana-a dynamic game in which you need to get a fat cat to the top, away from these terrible bananas that he does not like, while avoiding evil monsters that can scare our cat to death. In the game you will find a system of points, a great soundtrack and a lazy cat who does not like bananas. Not at all.
1212 Seems Good
Seems Good Download Free!

Seems Good

Seems good archery game is a simple game in which you need to shoot a bow. You need to eliminate all the balloons and remember that the number of arrows is limited.
1213 Press F To Pay Respects
Press F To Pay Respects Download Free!

Press F To Pay Respects

Press F to pay respects is a simple clicker game. You need to click on the letter F and earn points.
1214 Gardener The Ripper
Gardener The Ripper Download Free!

Gardener The Ripper

The game is the life of a gardener, his daily task is to kill the evil radishes that attack the cabbage land. Your job is to protect and grow cabbage. Shoot them with your missiles and Dodge swarms of enemies. Walk through the spacious garden, killing it evil radishes bullets and try not to get caught with them for lunch.
1215 Angry Troll
Angry Troll Download Free!

Angry Troll

Angry Troll-a game in the genre of Tower Defense, where you have to build attacking buildings to fend off waves of evil trolls. Hordes of trolls are trying to break into Your Kingdom. Stop them! Upgrade your buildings and use your abilities to hold back waves of enemies. Some towers have their own characteristics, some slow down the enemy, some shoot long distances, some cause damage to the area. The main thing is to correctly assess the situation to place the tower correctly. Use your resources wisely, and then you will succeed!
1216 Mine Coins
Mine Coins Download Free!

Mine Coins

Mine Coins plunge headlong into this fascinating clicker. A game made with a fascinating style, beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay. Here you need to collect as much money as possible to upgrade your auto click to get as much money as possible, become richer all!
1217 Earth Defense
Earth Defense Download Free!

Earth Defense

The aim of the game is to defend the planet. You are a rocket ship who can shoot and destroy incoming enemies. Do so for as long as you can. The amount and types of enemies will change over time, so always be on guard.
1218 Save The Animals 2
Save The Animals 2 Download Free!

Save The Animals 2

Save The Animals 2 is a sequel to the game of reaction and quick wits, in which you have to save animals in the far north. Have time to catch them before they fall. Bright graphics and fun gameplay will not let you get bored!
1219 Hard Rocket
Hard Rocket Download Free!

Hard Rocket

HardRocket is an arcade game. This game is a serious challenge to the player, will he be able to win it and pass all the levels? We can say that there is a struggle between the game and the player. In order to defeat HardRocket you will need a lot of patience and work on mistakes. And most importantly - not to appear weak and to gain peace of mind, because HardRocket wants to rile you up. In HardRocket you have to go through all the levels, we can say, in one breath. This is one of its difficulties. Another difficulty you will learn yourself when you run HardRocket. Do not forget that the game has a lot of references.
1220 Mad Arrows 2
Mad Arrows 2 Download Free!

Mad Arrows 2

Mad Arrows 2 is a sequel to the game Mad Arrows, in which you have to dodge the thousands of arrows fired at the hero. Jump, squat, climb stairs, use all your skills so as not to hit the arrow. But if all the same it happened, pick up hearts to restore lives.
1221 krAsAvA Shot
krAsAvA Shot Download Free!

krAsAvA Shot

2079 G. Earth. Together with the spacecraft conducting the expedition on Mars, the earth gets an unknown virus. Almost the entire population of the planet exposed to infection and mutated into zombies. But still people who were lucky enough to stay alive. In the game krasava shot you should survive among people and zombies. The game will please you its nice graphics and music. In online mode there is a chat for communication that does game even more interesting. Only a clever and skillful can survive in this environment. Check yourself, can you stand up to the end and be the best? Good luck, soldier.The game has a cooperative mode, in one room can fight up to 10 people. In a single company you have to fight with crowds of zombies, look for weapons in boxes, break the furniture in the houses break everything! You are available for this 5 types of weapons, choose to taste?
1222 Sky Hurricanes
Sky Hurricanes Download Free!

Sky Hurricanes

Take on the role of an elite pilot who controls the most advanced aircraft in the world. Your task is to overcome nine levels, where you will meet a lot of enemies. You will be confronted by unmanned flying drones, helicopters, planes, air mines... Also of great danger are the commanders-in-chief, who on their flying vehicles will try to destroy you. Pick up weapons and upgrades for your plane. You are available power shield, which is able to reflect most of the enemy attacks. All in your hands!
1223 XENOS Defense
XENOS Defense Download Free!

XENOS Defense

Far future. You are stuck on a hostile planet and can only rely on yourself! Killing monsters, you earn resources for weapons and the construction of the defense perimeter. The main thing is not to let the situation get out of control. Will you survive in an unequal battle with an alien fauna? Take the challenge and emerge victorious from battles against ruthless creatures! The game combines such genres as Action and Tower Defense. Fend off waves of enemies, which become more and more difficult each time. Be careful and you will win!
1224 Save The Animals
Save The Animals Download Free!

Save The Animals

Save The Animals is a reaction and quick-witted game in which you have to save animals in the hot desert of Africa. Hurry to catch them tog as they fall. Bright graphics and fun gameplay will not let you get bored!
1225 Mad Arrows
Mad Arrows Download Free!

Mad Arrows

Recently, something is wrong. You are followed by some maniac with a bow! Dodge the arrows as long as possible, perhaps the police will have time to get to this villain, and an ambulance will save you!
1226 Stop Nuke Apocalypse
Stop Nuke Apocalypse Download Free!

Stop Nuke Apocalypse

Stop Nuke Apocalypse is a dynamic game in which you have to defend a city from a missile attack. Use all your attentiveness and reaction to counter the growing danger in this exciting game. Set records and just have fun. Stop the nuclear apocalypse!
1227 Well Miss The Meteor
Well Miss The Meteor Download Free!

Well Miss The Meteor

Well, miss the meteor! - An exciting arcade game for one player! In it you have to visit the astronaut and gain the biggest record! All you have to do is jump on meteors, but the most important thing is not to miss it, otherwise you will fly into outer space and you will not be able to return!
1228 Adventure Cop 2
Adventure Cop 2 Download Free!

Adventure Cop 2

This time, the cop's adventures threw him into a new thicket of criminal events, and a new enemy appeared on the horizon, the head of the largest drug mafia, who calmly deals with all the policemen who meet in his way. In the hands of the player the choice between good and evil, who will you become? A policeman or a criminal?
1229 Call Of Honor
Call Of Honor Download Free!

Call Of Honor

Help the sheriff return a calm and dimensional life to the Wild West. Cleanse the cities from the hordes of uninvited bandits, defeat their favorite tavern and drive them out. Stop the cavalry, which furiously seeks to defend your city, for this the faithful horse and a reliable shotgun will help the sheriff. Can you survive alone, armed with a machine gun, standing on the gates that are trying to besiege crowds of restless bandits, the life of the whole Wild West is in your hands!
1230 Sky Dodge
Sky Dodge Download Free!

Sky Dodge

In this game you should pass the whole test, jumping on several platforms and turning aside from evil bullets that embody your secret fears of the childhood.
1231 WDE Defender
WDE Defender Download Free!

WDE Defender

Going down into the dark dungeon, you were not afraid, but you should not be so careless in such places. Soon you heard sounds that did not look like crumbling stones (which is a very common occurrence) and even did not closely resemble the sounds made by local rats. Looking closely, you saw that not one, but many unknown creatures are stepping on you. And you need to survive at all costs in this battle! In the game you have to get into a location full of hostile monsters who do not want you to get out alive at all.
1232 Cave Runner
Cave Runner Download Free!

Cave Runner

Cave runner. This is a game you have to play. Show all your skills. Pick apples and boosters. Faster than your opponent. Run, Dodge, crush. Pump. Buy new characters. Open new arenas. Enter the top 100. Here you will be king or eaten by dragons. but we believe in you.
1233 Dodge The Dangers
Dodge The Dangers Download Free!

Dodge The Dangers

Dodge the dangers is an arcade platformer in which you have to fight for your life, but ultimately you will die anyway. You play as a simple guy, and from above you fall both large stones that kill you, and coins that fill you a record. There is no pause in the game, which makes it a little more difficult.
1234 Space Of Darkness
Space Of Darkness Download Free!

Space Of Darkness

You need to escort the main ship to the planet Grong. Go through four areas with different enemies to achieve your goal. Do not let the enemy ships fly to the main ship. Break through the enemies, and do not let yourself die. Good luck.
1235 Catching The Star
Catching The Star Download Free!

Catching The Star

Catching the Star is a vector-style arcade game. Simple and pleasant colors in the game will not let your eye get tired. And easy control will not scare you away from the game. The game is not demanding on hardware and will go for almost everyone. Play, upgrade and play Catching the Star.
1236 Rocket Landing Simulator
Rocket Landing Simulator Download Free!

Rocket Landing Simulator

A game where you control a rocket. All you need to do is put her on the platform. Complete cool levels with incredible graphics and excellent controls. Modern graphics, good optimization. Become a new legend. Simple rocket controls, eye-pleasing design and effects. Different difficulties of the game. With each level, the game is harder and harder.


Hell in Paradise is a game about the main struggle of all time, the struggle of good and evil. The demon descended to the land of angels and began to make havoc there and destroying the angels. You have to walk among the enemies, shooting them with shells from your finger at high speeds dodging enemies.
1238 NEUFO
NEUFO Download Free!


The action of this platformer takes place in deep space, among the stars and comets. You play as a funny alien, whose task is not easy - to surf the expanses of space and collect small galaxies for your planet. In outer space is full of danger - meteorites, mysterious black holes and terrible cold. It will take a lot of courage and skill to collect all the constellations and return to the ship. Gather all your strength and agility into a fist and help the alien get home!
1239 Banana Idle
Banana Idle Download Free!

Banana Idle

Banana Idle is not an ordinary and cool clicker. In the game you will need to collect bananas and buy improvements on them, sometimes coconuts will fall, they will need to be caught and you will be given bananas. The more bananas the cooler you get!
1240 Cubes
Cubes Download Free!


The game "Cubes" is an arcade game in which the player must pop the figures to get coins. To earn 1 coin you need to burst one figure. To open new level 1 figures, you need 50 coins per figure. To open figures of the 2nd level 100 coins per figure and to open the figures of 3 levels 150 coins per figure. Challenge yourself and try to open at least all the figures of the 1st level!
1241 Galaxy Wars
Galaxy Wars Download Free!

Galaxy Wars

GalaxyWars is a starship-based runner game. A space runner in which you are a pilot of the ship and must destroy the enemies standing in your way. You have an ordinary laser weapon in your arsenal and a super energy ball thanks to which you can destroy enemies in a matter of seconds if you hit them. Free space!
1242 Tanks Infinite War
Tanks Infinite War Download Free!

Tanks Infinite War

Ready to become a better Tanker and destroy an army of tanks? If so, then go ahead! You must destroy the enemy army! no matter what! You are the only hope for us. There will be many enemies and bosses on your way, your tank is ready, are you ready?
1243 Basket Death 2
Basket Death 2 Download Free!

Basket Death 2

Your goal - any way to score the ball in the ring.
1244 Ball Bull
Ball Bull Download Free!

Ball Bull

In this game you will try to catch a naughty ball, which each time will become faster and faster ... How many times can you catch him?
1245 Beetle Killer
Beetle Killer Download Free!

Beetle Killer

Nasty, terrible and even scary beetles do not like anyone, right? It was especially for such people that a very simple, but very addicting game "Killer of Bugs" was made. The name of the application is fully justified: we kill the bugs, go through the levels and get pleasure! Killer Bugs is an incredible simple game. Various bugs crawl out onto the field, well, and we have to kill them by tapping on the creature. Only a timer can prevent us, as the time for killing is limited. But we must have time to keep within the ten-second standard. There are nine levels in the game, which is not so much. Well, and the tenth becomes the final round with the frightening name "meat". In it, they will give us as much as thirty seconds and more than a third of hundreds of insects, so this is really meat!
1246 Rocket Jump
Rocket Jump Download Free!

Rocket Jump

Rocket Jump - the most interesting game with a unique gameplay based on physics. Your goal is to launch a rocket into space, pushing it in the right direction and avoiding obstacles.
1247 Sound Collection
Sound Collection Download Free!

Sound Collection

Sound Collection - a free entertainment application that is a collection of sounds on various topics: natural phenomena, animals, man-made, weapons, humor and much more. The program has a beautiful cartoonish design, intuitive interface and a small amount of memory occupied after installation.
1248 Celsius
Celsius Download Free!


The action of the game Celsius takes place in a distant galaxy. The player is assigned the role of a pilot of one of the warring parties. You will take part in a series of air conflicts. You are waiting for dangerous sorties, the task of surviving and knocking out as many detractors as possible.
1249 Easy Drawing
Easy Drawing Download Free!

Easy Drawing

Simple and convenient drawing app for the whole family. Large color palette, resizable tassels. Quick reset of the whole picture. Management is carried out using a computer mouse or stylus. You can use the application for entertainment or for work. Drawing for everyone!
1250 Pixel Dark
Pixel Dark Download Free!

Pixel Dark

Pixel Dark is a pretty scary 2D toy. In which, you play as a zombie apocalypse survivor! In order to survive in complete devastation and darkness you need to kill dark creatures. You can earn a gun case, it is good, which you will definitely come in handy, but if you lose the weapon will be lost. So be careful.