950 Velocity
Velocity Download Free!


VELOCITY is a geometry-themed, fast-paced game, where you change your colors to match that of the tile below you. How long can you survive? Only time will tell.
951 Fly Fix Die
Fly Fix Die Download Free!

Fly Fix Die

You are a space janitor and must repair a rocket in-flight. While you are flying, you must find the appropriate items that are suitable for this particular part of the ship.
952 Light The Way
Light The Way Download Free!

Light The Way

You must use your torch to light the fires and escape rooms shrouded in darkness. Light three torches and illuminate your surroundings while moving obstacles and avoiding shadow enemies that slow you down before they drain your battery.
953 Platform Airspace
Platform Airspace Download Free!

Platform Airspace

In this game, playing as a blue cube, you have to jump through the pipes placed on your way. Each time your speed will increase. And jumping through the pipes will be much harder! Also in the game there are beautiful sound effects, and music! Management: Space - jump
954 Starman In Space
Starman In Space Download Free!

Starman In Space

"Starman in space" - this game is based on real events that occurred in the beginning of 2018go year. A rocket was launched into space and an electric car was taken instead of Luggage in the form of concrete blocks. After they arrived in outer space, they threw the car into space with a driver named "Starman". Now the driver will be on his red car as long as possible to remain unharmed. He will need to Dodge asteroids to survive! The game will have 18 levels to complete. In the first 10 levels, asteroids will move slowly. The game will test your sleight of hand!
955 The Famous Diver
The Famous Diver Download Free!

The Famous Diver

"The famous diver" is a game about a famous diver who swam many underwater cities during his life. He saw underwater predators and engaged them in battle, and that is why our hero plunged under the water and went to the strongest underwater current, it is very fast and it is very difficult to stay in the same place. Your goal is to protect our main character from underwater bombs and predators, while he will swim to a certain point.
956 Bomber Un
Bomber Un Download Free!

Bomber Un

"Bomber-un" - a game in which you need to blow up stone blocks with extreme care! Because you have a certain amount of explosives with which you will blow up blocks. You will also encounter difficulties, because the game location will be Kim Jong-UN, you can not let them suffer from explosions! Metal blocks can not break through ordinary explosives, for such a purpose requires an atomic bomb that was developed by Kim Jong-UN!
957 Dangerous Zombie Hunter 2
Dangerous Zombie Hunter 2 Download Free!

Dangerous Zombie Hunter 2

The battle with the zombies continues. By evening, the number of zombies began to increase. Killing zombies has become more difficult. Use first aid kits and bombs. Help is nowhere to wait. Protecting the forest is up to you.
958 Pinball Teaches Typing
Pinball Teaches Typing Download Free!

Pinball Teaches Typing

Pinball Teaches Typing is a Pinball game that employs typing game elements. Type words, hit the ball, get points, and hopefully increase your WPM along the way.
959 Avoid Spikes
Avoid Spikes Download Free!

Avoid Spikes

You have to go around the spikes, and jump using the cursors. If you touch the spikes 3 times, you die and start from level 1, if you do not die, then play on.
960 Castlebatle
Castlebatle Download Free!


Castlebattle - a simulator of medieval battles! Play with friends using 2 player mode. There are several types of warriors in the game. Each has its own strength, damage, speed. There is an opportunity to improve the strength of the castle! Management: 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,0.
961 Whiteghost
Whiteghost Download Free!


Play as a white ghost, your task will get to the door. Jump over other ghosts. Stay on a stone platform, do not go beyond and do not touch the needles. The game has 6 levels. Genre: Arcade.
962 Save The Cake
Save The Cake Download Free!

Save The Cake

The invasion of bugs began, and grandmother just wanted to eat her cake ... if the cake disappears, she will be very sad! Help grandma save her pie.
963 Eden
Eden Download Free!


In the upper left corner are drawn the ships that you need to kill. This is your island, which you must protect, or develop people on it. In the lower right corner will be written how many people are settled on your island. Also on the island will appear houses and just new settlements.
964 Staying Alive
Staying Alive Download Free!

Staying Alive

Jump and Crouch to your corner and embrace the sweet warmth of your home as you finally achieved to survive another day. Evade the cold Water and survive until you finally find the right path.
965 Gravitaze
Gravitaze Download Free!


GRAVITAZE in a game that mixes gravity and maze. Your goal is to reach the center of the maze. But for that you need to use the gravity shift and the maze itself to get to the center.
966 Bow And Hunter
Bow And Hunter Download Free!

Bow And Hunter

Point the bow at the bird and hold down the mouse button to pull the string, and then release.
967 Cake Maker
Cake Maker Download Free!

Cake Maker

This is a clicker game. In this game you have to make cakes and sell them. With the money you can buy upgrades. Upgrades will help you grow up your company and make more money. I wish you success.
968 Neon Hardcore
Neon Hardcore Download Free!

Neon Hardcore

"Neon Hardcore" is a game that makes the player freak out because of each death of the game character. You need to control the green cube and reach another green checkpoint. But this is very difficult, as the player is prevented by rotating saws and other obstacles in red.
969 Mushroom Rain
Mushroom Rain Download Free!

Mushroom Rain

Mushroom rain is a clicker-style game. In the forest, in rainy weather, mushrooms grow very well, but, as we already know - mushrooms are edible and poisonous. Therefore, you will have to collect as many edible mushrooms as possible within 1 minute! To collect the mushroom-you need to click the left mouse button. But to destroy the mushroom - you need to click the right mouse button! This game develops dexterity in controlling a computer mouse and develops quick thinking!
970 Poopy Philosophy
Poopy Philosophy Download Free!

Poopy Philosophy

In Poopy philosophy you have to visit in the shoes of one person who sits on the toilet every day for one month. Help the protagonist complete his toilet affairs and reflect on questions such as ...? Hold "Space" and decide the fate of the protagonist, and after the completed toilet day you will see the face of Fusiche, it can be both joyful and sad.
971 Fruit Maze
Fruit Maze Download Free!

Fruit Maze

A game in the style of mini mazes, but not just pass it like that. The peculiarity of the game is that you need to collect all the fruits or vegetables without touching the walls, and then only the exit opens. Your rhombus is always in motion, you can only direct it.
972 Flyairwar
Flyairwar Download Free!


You play as a blue plane. You need to destroy all enemy planes of different types. Shoot your weapons with the space bar. There are a lot of enemies. Do not fly too far. Do not collide with other planes. Get points!
973 Paczomb
Paczomb Download Free!


Paczomb - the game is made in the style of pacmen, only with zombie elements of the "world". You play as a zombie, but you want to get out of the maze, to do this, look for a way out and collect yellow points. Do not fall for other zombies! Genre: Arcade. Management: arrows.
974 Fly
Fly Download Free!


You are the last person in the universe. When your planet was destroyed, you controlled a space rocket. Well, you should survive! Good luck!
975 Escaping The Cat Dimension
Escaping The Cat Dimension Download Free!

Escaping The Cat Dimension

Help the cat get to the next level while collecting coins, crystals and beware of enemies. Ice cream is your life and when they end you start the level anew, but you can also pick them up at some levels.
976 Hexagon Rush
Hexagon Rush Download Free!

Hexagon Rush

You need to go around the walls that are approaching you as quickly as possible. You can only enter other pieces if you havent hit the wall.
977 Die For The Empire
Die For The Empire Download Free!

Die For The Empire

The planet Agora VI, a critical industrial center within the Terran Empire, has been invaded by an unknown alien force. You must hold the planet at all costs. We have no further details, you have no further orders. Good luck.
978 Colorblind
Colorblind Download Free!


In order to complete the level completely, you need to wear glasses that show you hidden blocks. You cannot see them with ordinary eyes without glasses. And it will be difficult to pass the level without them.
979 Black Or White
Black Or White Download Free!

Black Or White

This is a puzzle game in which you must understand how to correctly position the color so that it fills the entire screen. There are only two colors in the game: black and white. Try to win the game.
980 Zombie Meatballs
Zombie Meatballs Download Free!

Zombie Meatballs

You are a cook in a cafe and meatballs got into your room, and you have to neutralize them. Your hero has a knife with which he can shoot and kill meatballs.
981 Galaxy Shooter
Galaxy Shooter Download Free!

Galaxy Shooter

You can play this game with your friend. You can shoot enemies, killing them, but not collide with them, otherwise your lives will be wasted.
982 Dodge IT
Dodge IT Download Free!

Dodge IT

Test your reaction in the new DodgeIT! Catch figures of your own color and score. But be careful, life is not endless and you should not relax! Compete with your friends to see who gets the highest score?
983 Cruces 4
Cruces 4 Download Free!

Cruces 4

Cruces4 - continuation of the game Crysis 3, Crysis 2 and Cruces. It differs in that you need to manage 4 characters. If you can handle it, download it.
984 Hardfast
Hardfast Download Free!


Waking up, the day begins with a zombie! Around everything is gray, in the style of the apocalypse ... Having taken a gun, Rich goes out into the street and meets a real zombie! Look for cartridges in houses and on the street, rather get to the white flag! The game has three levels, the higher the level, the more zombies. Genre: Arcade. Year: 2020 Management: w, a, s, d - movement, spacebar - shooting.
985 Smilesearch
Smilesearch Download Free!


You play as a smiley, your task is to catch as many coins as possible, and not get on the bomb! Be careful and stay on the platform. Get points and set records! Genre: Arcade. Management: A, D - movement.
986 Tankzombie
Tankzombie Download Free!


You are an American soldier, a tankman. You need to urgently leave the infected area, as this will lead to death. In addition to the infected area, you have to destroy the infected! There is no other way ... Urgently get to the safe zone. Blow up barrels and boxes. Management: arrows - movement, spacebar - shooting.
987 Neon Runner
Neon Runner Download Free!

Neon Runner

With the passage of this game, it accelerates. You need to collect all the bottles that are on the floor, if you do not collect everything, you will start playing again. But be careful, the game speeds up each time, and if you stop at least once, you will lose.
988 The Sticky League
The Sticky League Download Free!

The Sticky League

I chose the slimes as the character for this theme because when they are alone they are weak but when they join forces they become invincible.
989 Cruces 3
Cruces 3 Download Free!

Cruces 3

Cool game that will take you time. Simple controls and simple graphics. But it's complicated. Let's play it.
990 Intergalactic Shooter
Intergalactic Shooter Download Free!

Intergalactic Shooter

Embark on an endless space journey. Destroy enemy starships and break your record. Collect scrap and upgrade your ship for greater efficiency in battle. Achieve a bigger score! And pleasant music and interesting effects will accompany you. Go to space exploration!
991 Cruces 2
Cruces 2 Download Free!

Cruces 2

Continuation of the game Crysis. It is heavier than the first part. It has improved graphics. Management is the same. Come on, play it.
992 Enter Space
Enter Space Download Free!

Enter Space

This is a game about a ship traveling in Space and defending from extraterrestrial war drones. Try to avoid the rays directed at you.
993 Mr Eyes
Mr Eyes Download Free!

Mr Eyes

A mysterious creature asks for your help. Jump through of enemies to reach your goal! WASD and Space or Arrow Keys to run and jump.
994 Snake Pit
Snake Pit Download Free!

Snake Pit

A black and white, 70s arcade-inspired game. Dash across the pit, dodging snakes and spikes to collect gems, earn points and get a high score!
995 Cannon Game
Cannon Game Download Free!

Cannon Game

Red boxes must crash against the bars around the cannon. For the rest of the colors, you must shoot using a different key depending on the color of the box.
996 Buster
Buster Download Free!


Glide through space and take out the unending horde of aliens that are coming your way!
997 Evo Ball
Evo Ball Download Free!

Evo Ball

Set a record for yourself in this challenging game. Compete in friends, how much they can score in this game.
998 Infinite Space Shooter
Infinite Space Shooter Download Free!

Infinite Space Shooter

Space is endless ... But even in it the enemies do not sleep. Dodge and shoot! Beat the friends record? Go ahead then!
999 Quick Knife 3
Quick Knife 3 Download Free!

Quick Knife 3

Continuation of the game Quick Knife. It is necessary to hit the target with a weapon. Can you? Well, try it.
1000 Into The Depths
Into The Depths Download Free!

Into The Depths

You play as a submarine. You need to collect coins and not fall for sharks, otherwise you will lose.