1050 Soap
Soap Download Free!


You are a soap that must fight bacteria to restore a healthy life for a person. Don't let in too many bacteria or the person will get infected. Have fun in this new Hyper active game!
1051 Galactic Force
Galactic Force Download Free!

Galactic Force

Galactic Force: Do you like to travel? Love space? Love adventure? Then this game is exactly for you! You will go to the galaxy in your spaceship. Your ship has a built-in laser that fires a burst of energy. Energy you can restore or destroy boxes with energy. Also you have a character level! You get it when you destroy Asteroids. When you increase the level you will get: either skrost, or acceleration or a new laser! Also in the game there are planets that have a real description. If you fly into a planet, then you can learn more about it. Controls: WASD-move, ESC-exit to the menu, SPACE-Shooting. And remember, you can't get caught on Asteroids!
1052 Era Archer Asegura
Era Archer Asegura Download Free!

Era Archer Asegura

Would you like to participate in shooting competitions? Here is a simple archery simulator. Everything is easy enough! Draw an arrow and shoot at the target. There is a system of records.
1053 Galaxy 2020
Galaxy 2020 Download Free!

Galaxy 2020

Galaxy2020 is a simple space shooter in which you have to control a spaceship, destroy asteroids and obstacles that meet on the way. At the bottom there is a counter that shows how much you stayed at the level. Ready? Then go ahead.
THE DEAD DAY Download Free!


In this game you have the possibility of modes: Survival, map Editor. You have to survive in a forgotten and abandoned world, where the entire territory is ruled by infected. The main character came out of the house,along with equipment that would resist a large crowd of zombies.Also, you will not have to walk, because you have a car that you can not so bad to manage, if you learn how to do things quickly, you will be able to hold more. Every 40 seconds the map is updated and you have time to search the base. Also, you can collect supplies from infected people. How long will you last!?!
1055 Jonax
Jonax Download Free!


Jonax - an exciting arcade game! You play as a Viking John, and you need to throw sharp axes into dangerous zombies. Kill vile zombies with axes, and do not throw axes into a tree (they break). The game contains 6 levels of varying difficulty.
1056 Geometrical Madness
Geometrical Madness Download Free!

Geometrical Madness

Geometrical Madness is an arcade game in which you need to have very good dexterity, because this game is VERY DIFFICULT! Pass through obstacles dodging thorns to cool music!
1057 Red Ball Arrow
Red Ball Arrow Download Free!

Red Ball Arrow

RedBallArrow - an exciting arcade game! You play as a red ball. You need to avoid collisions with arrows using speed, jump and trampoline. The arrow that flew past you gives one point. If you encounter an arrow, it takes 20 health.
1058 Cockroach Splash
Cockroach Splash Download Free!

Cockroach Splash

Your task is to kill cockroaches so that they do not eat cookies. For one killed cockroach, one point is given. Cockroaches appear all the time, be careful.
1059 Prank Call
Prank Call Download Free!

Prank Call

Prank Call is a role-playing and simulation game. Prank Call can be played on PC.
1060 Rentology
Rentology Download Free!


In our game you need to rent your rooms for tenants and get profit from it. For the money you earn, you can improve furniture, buy new rooms, and most importantly, provide for your family so that all members are happy and love you. During the game, random events will be generated that affect the weekly tax, the condition of family members, the quality of your rooms and even the situation in the country! The game is made in a nice vector graphic that pleases the eye of everyone who wants to play. Also during the game, you can not help but note the pleasant atmosphere of the game and the sound quality! Have a nice game!
1061 Jumpy Bird 3D
Jumpy Bird 3D Download Free!

Jumpy Bird 3D

The heir of genre Flappy Bird is already here! Play in Jumpy Bird 3D just now! Collect coin, buy new skins, enjoy!
1062 Bomber Duck
Bomber Duck Download Free!

Bomber Duck

The duck wanted to steal an egg from other ??birds in order to sell them. And with money to buy games! But the birds have bombs and throw them into the duck! Help the duck to escape of the bombs and to collect Money for buying the games!??
1063 Yellowbowl
Yellowbowl Download Free!


Yellow bowl - a game about a yellow ball, which must get out of a closed labyrinth and find a red cross. Enemies are skulls! Be very careful and do not come across them at a meeting! Management: Arrows. Game genre: arcade.
1064 Santa Run
Santa Run Download Free!

Santa Run

There is very little time left until the new year! And Santa Claus is already in a hurry to give out gifts from the North Pole! But on his way there are various obstacles! Help Santa! The game is made in the arcade genre for beginners. All you need to do is jump! Management: Spacebar.
1065 Bottles And Coyote
Bottles And Coyote Download Free!

Bottles And Coyote

In this exciting game you will have to play as a cleaner on the beach. Vacationers are poorly brought up, so they throw bottles right under their feet. You need to collect the number of bottles you need for a certain time. You will be disturbed by a stray coyote who will bite and break bottles. Clash with vacationers will also select 1 bottle. Along the beach is your competitor who also collects bottles. Thrown on hot sand, they do not lie for a long time, and glass explodes in the sun when heated. Ready? Then go ahead.
1066 Jump On
Jump On Download Free!

Jump On

This is an interesting game, but at the same time difficult. All you have to do is stay away from bombs. Jump from one platform to another, but be careful not to fall and get hit by the bomb. If a bomb hits you, you start from the beginning. Enjoy the game, very successful.
1067 Stacker
Stacker Download Free!


Stacker is a fast-paced stacking game that is getting more and more challenging. Tap or tap to stack the colored blocks on top of each other as accurately as you can. Keep the blocks as big as possible, once they get small, it becomes very difficult.
1068 Knife Tar
Knife Tar Download Free!

Knife Tar

KnifeTar! Our game is not so big, but it is very exciting! Here you have to hit targets that are approaching you faster and faster! You must hit with a knife! The knife is a formidable weapon :) For each hit in the target you will get a point, you can see your points on the table, which is located in the middle above! Sure! You'll like it ;)
1069 Running Rocket
Running Rocket Download Free!

Running Rocket

We run, overcome all kinds of obstacles, collect precious crystals, complete tasks and unlock new characters.
1070 Breakout
Breakout Download Free!


Arkanoid Breakout by the nature of repulsing the manipulator of a flying ball resembles ping-pong. And the task, as in any other arkanoid, is to beat the ball, break the bricks with them and prevent them from touching the lower boundary of the playing field. There is no plot and HD graphics - only addictive gameplay.
1071 Tank Hurricaner
Tank Hurricaner Download Free!

Tank Hurricaner

In Tank Hurricane you have to fight in a tank battle with AI, which will not let you get bored. Shells destroy the environment, so be careful when shooting. Knock down packages to heal and use shields. Use the ability of the tank to fly to take a more advantageous tactical position. Complete tasks to improve your skills in the game. There is also a Player vs Player mode, where you can fight against another person on the same computer.
1072 SnL
SnL Download Free!


SnL is a simple casual game in which you need to roll dice and as a result your movement will take place on the cells. The essence of the game is very simple and understandable even to young children. Players take turns to roll a die and move to a certain number of cells. Some cells in the field are ordinary, cells with stairs and snakes move the playe's chip to another cell. The player who first reached the finish line wins.
1073 Agross
Agross Download Free!


Agross is a game with controls and farm development. You play the role of a farmer. You have a house, garden beds, a chicken coop, a stable and a market. Your task is to develop the economy, take new people into your home and not die of hunger. The game begins by planting several carrot seeds. After harvesting, you will need to think what to do with it. Think about your every action and every step, and then this game will not make you bored.
1074 Cute Blocks
Cute Blocks Download Free!

Cute Blocks

Cute Blocks is a simple arkanoid game. Shoot down blocks with a constantly moving ball and do not let it fly down. All controls are carried out by mouse movement. The game uses complex physics, levels of varying difficulty and cute drawn girls that will encourage you to win.
1075 Invasion Of Barbarians
Invasion Of Barbarians Download Free!

Invasion Of Barbarians

This kingdom needs a new hero! But ... none of the sensible residents of the city will agree to such an adventure. Nevertheless, you are more firm than ever in your intentions: armed with dementia and courage, you and several mercenaries do not intend to retreat. Defend the kingdom, defeat the enemies, show them that your crayfish hibernate, and remember that in a war all means are good. Full speed ahead!
1076 Cyborg 2020
Cyborg 2020 Download Free!

Cyborg 2020

You guard the border from robots trying to cross it. Your task is to shoot these heaps of metal so that they do not cross into your territory. If 5 robots infiltrate your base, then everything is gone. Good luck.
1077 King Rocket
King Rocket Download Free!

King Rocket

Rocket launch - an indescribable experience that you will remember for a long time. In King rocket you have the opportunity to independently launch a rocket into the sky, and more than that, manage it. King rocket - is partly a flight simulator with a side view, partly a flyer. To begin with, the player needs to launch the device into the air and only then take control. If you operate the device incorrectly, and not to monitor the fuel gauge it at the moment can stolknutsya with the obstacle, which will lead to its destruction. In addition to collecting stars, the player will need to safely land a rocket, which is also quite difficult. But if you don't succeed the first time, succeed the second. Good luck!
1078 Rocki
Rocki Download Free!


Fight in the galaxy in this new retro game! Avoid or destroy the asteroids. Enjoy surviving by listening to the fun upbeat soundtrack. Do not forget to score 1000 points!
1079 Grenade Shooter
Grenade Shooter Download Free!

Grenade Shooter

This is a shooter game. You must kill as many enemies as possible. Your time is limited. Try to get a good score every time. I wish you success, enjoy the game.
1080 Kingdom Defense
Kingdom Defense Download Free!

Kingdom Defense

In Kingdom Defense you have to play the role of commander of the defense of the kingdom. The defense will have to be kept with the help of three towers, soldiers, traps and various improvements for them. For a successful level, you need to hold out under the onslaught of a hostile army, not allowing it to cling to the territory of the kingdom. At each level, you have to build your own defense strategy and develop it as the enemy advances and accumulates reserves to improve your defensive line.
1081 Human Clicker
Human Clicker Download Free!

Human Clicker

Human clicker is a fun clicker game. You have to earn money, buy musical instruments to play on them. Become the best musician in Human Clicker!
1082 Resurrector
Resurrector Download Free!


An ancient evil awoke after a thousand years of sleep. You are this evil. But, people didn't like it. Lead your army into battle to crush the enemy. Your task is to destroy the structures of people and save your monolith. Two armies go towards each other and only you can turn the tide of the battle. Use the weapons that death itself gave you. Lead the undead to win!
1083 3D Tower
3D Tower Download Free!

3D Tower

3D Tower - 3D interpretation of the world famous puzzle. Now for the adventure you need to collect a complete row in two planes and try not to reach the upper bar, stepping over which, you will lose. The game has only one level and it is infinite, you will have to connect your logical and spatial thinking to the maximum in order to achieve the most points. Points, in turn, are awarded for each installed figure and destroyed row.
1084 Cubic
Cubic Download Free!


Cubic - 3D puzzle in which you have to destroy tiles of the same color, pairing them together. In this case, you need to meet a certain number of steps. Successful completion of the level will require logical thinking and the ability to calculate your actions several steps forward. Each level can be completed in a variety of ways, but not every method will fit into the number of steps set before you. Prerequisites for successful completion of the level: destroy all colored tiles and take no more steps than indicated in the upper right corner.
1085 Two Kingdoms
Two Kingdoms Download Free!

Two Kingdoms

In the game TWO KINGDOMS you have to defend your castle from an evil neighbor. Your forces are opposed by equal enemy forces. You can choose the type of troops that will be sent to battle. Improvements are available to your soldiers to make them stronger. You have other skills, like mines, to fight off your opponent. Put the bogus in the form of a scarecrow, so that enemies are distracted by it, instead of your soldiers. The tower will also help in the struggle for victory.
1086 Jum X
Jum X Download Free!

Jum X

This is a simple and fun game. All you have to do is not to fall. Each time you hit the red ball, you can jump once. If you click on the watch, you will get slow motion for 5 seconds. Try to get the best result every time.
1087 Pixel Pong 2
Pixel Pong 2 Download Free!

Pixel Pong 2

New part of Pixel Pong is already available for download! New themes, new music are here now! Download just now and play!
1088 Sky Rise
Sky Rise Download Free!

Sky Rise

Your goal is to help the balloon reach the sky! You will come across a lot of objects that you will have to move with force.The game has a modern physics system and smooth controls. Get ready to have maximum fun and reach the eternity! Know that sometimes you have to use your intelligence.
1089 Potatoes The Way Home
Potatoes The Way Home Download Free!

Potatoes The Way Home

Potatoes The Way Home This is a continuation of a series of potato games. You withstood the impact power of truffles and they weakened. Weakened but did not retreat, so run and call the Potato Army for help! You should also understand that truffles are everywhere. But then it will not be safe because the war will begin !!!
1090 Fallen Hero
Fallen Hero Download Free!

Fallen Hero

This is a arcade game. In this game you have to protect the earth. With your own solid body, you must prevent enemies who want to invade the planet. The planet has 10 hearts, every time it touches enemies it loses one heart. Kill as many enemies as possible with your own body. I wish you success, enjoy the game.
1091 Adventures Potatoes
Adventures Potatoes Download Free!

Adventures Potatoes

Adventures Potatoes - This is a continuation of a series of games about potatoes and Sasha. Sanya was still fired, and now the potato decided to avenge him. But truffles brought all their power to you. But the potato is not so simple and knows a few secrets. But there are too many of them, so just dodge !!!
1092 Spaceship
Spaceship Download Free!


Meditative space runner. Choose one of five starships with different characteristics and go deep into space! But asteroids appear on your way, so you have to dodge ... ..or destroy! In WarMode mode, you can compete for the best score of downed asteroids. Also on your way you can see familiar planets and more. Choose a mode and surf the space for relaxing music.
1093 Pixel Pong
Pixel Pong Download Free!

Pixel Pong

Welcome to Pixel Pong! It`s a heir of a first game in the world! Classic gameplay!
1094 Oil Baron
Oil Baron Download Free!

Oil Baron

The game has 7 locations which will be given special tasks. You have to do them by the end of the day. It can be to collect n-th amount of oil or earn a few thousand $. To start playing, you need to choose the difficulty of the game. There are 5 levels of difficulty ( easy-normal-hard-very hard - insanely). I recommend to put easy or normal to begin with. After selecting the difficulty you are thrown to the choice of location. Each location has a different atmosphere. When you get to the location you are given the opportunity to look around, after which you either hire a geologist for $ 200, which shows the approximate location of the oil. Or you can manually predict the source. On easy difficulty levels, oil is often seen on the surface, so the difficulty of finding is minimized. You buy an oil rig for $ 1000, immediately after it you buy an oil storage tank. After installing the reservoir, you choose the depth of the well. The deeper, the more money you need to spend. Here you are lucky to get to the oil, but you missed a bit and hit the edge of the source. Every second the source gets smaller and smaller, and eventually the oil rig stops working. The game is not OVER. You are sure to sell the current tower for$ 400 along with the tank and put a NEW one. You can buy an unlimited number of towers, but the condition that one location should be no more than ONE. And this is not how not to CHANGE. That would modicum something did, not watched as game itself plays, then after as in tank will gain right number of oil you scooping up its a bucket and carry on sale. Don't put the towers too far from the market. Time is important. The rate is purely random can jump 0.20$/1 unit of oil ( in one bucket without pumping 15 units of oil). Wait for a better rate (3-4$) and then sell. For each sale of oil you get 15 units of experience, when you reach the desired amount you increase the level. Per level give points improvements. You spend them on a bunch of cool buns, which facilitate the gameplay and make it more dynamic, everything happens faster.
1095 Sasha And Potatoes
Sasha And Potatoes Download Free!

Sasha And Potatoes

You play as Sasha. Sanya is working at the Lukashenko factory. Not everything is all right with you and they want to fire you because you cannot distinguish potatoes from truffles. Show what you are capable of and remember that just one mistake is worth several successes and do not forget to wash !!!
1096 Rider
Rider Download Free!


Rider is an indie game that you can put on your computer and phone. The essence of the game is to kill time, if you are traveling in transport or waiting for something. The game is impossible to the impossible, but the nerves will tickle. You have to jump on the dice and not miss the moment when the level becomes more complicated.
1097 Crystal Mine
Crystal Mine Download Free!

Crystal Mine

Crystal Mine is a fascinating 3D clicker with beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay. Save as much money as possible to get rich to buy the whole world! Here you need to collect as much money as possible to upgrade your auto click to get as much money as possible, become the richest of all!
1098 Zombiz
Zombiz Download Free!


TDS (top down shooter) with zombies. Several types of zombies. Survive 5 minutes. If you survive then evacuate by helicopter. Good luck.
1099 Deep Ocean Rush
Deep Ocean Rush Download Free!

Deep Ocean Rush

The game "Deep Ocean Rush" will take you to the village of Pago, which was attacked by the monsters of the water world. Your task is to protect civilians and save the wealth of the village from unexpected guests. The main characters - brothers Tom and Jerry - warriors who embarked on the path of war. Complete levels, earn gold and upgrade your skills. A variety of shells will help to defeat enemies. Let there be a war! Over 100 different levels. 7 different types of improvements and 50 upgrades. 10 Super Bosses. 15 different types of monsters.
1100 Spacehorizon Arena 2
Spacehorizon Arena 2 Download Free!

Spacehorizon Arena 2

Spacehorizon Arena 2 is a continuation of the space shooter for attention and reaction. In this part you will not have a ship, you have to protect the planet from hordes of space invaders with the help of the most powerful missile defense system! Do not let the aliens destroy the planet!