1250 Pixel Dark
Pixel Dark Download Free!

Pixel Dark

Pixel Dark is a pretty scary 2D toy. In which, you play as a zombie apocalypse survivor! In order to survive in complete devastation and darkness you need to kill dark creatures. You can earn a gun case, it is good, which you will definitely come in handy, but if you lose the weapon will be lost. So be careful.
PIXEL RPG Download Free!


This is a pixel game in the rpg genre. In this game you need to fight monsters and bosses! This game is made in the style of 8 bits. And you will definitely like it!
1252 Wormags
Wormags Download Free!


Stop playing worms, it's time to replace them with robots! Robots lived and everything was good, until they were divided into two camps. Red robots rebelled against green robots. You will find many different destructible locations. Many different weapons. You have a certain amount of time to move, select a weapon, aim and open fire. This is a turn-based arcade style strategy game. Shoot at the enemies, throw grenades to the opponents, hit with robots, teleport to good positions. You can shoot from a grenade launcher and a pistol. Worms will not bring you as much pleasure as robots. Stop playing with worms. It's time to play robots. The worms want you to play the worms, but the time is different now. Robots are waiting and worms retired.
1253 DOOMka
DOOMka Download Free!


For fans of the game Half and Gordon characters with blushing. You play as a young worker in an underground station. Your task is to follow the orders of the doctor. An ordinary day turned into a nightmare. Around began to climb monsters and kill everyone in their path. All hope is only on you. Only you can find out what happened at this underground station. The game is made in a terrible atmosphere and with black humor. Lovers of thrash and psychedelics will love this game. The game is similar to the quest with elements of action. In each location you need to fight or solve puzzles. It will be necessary to find ways to open the door, kill the monsters.
1254 Sailor Jump
Sailor Jump Download Free!

Sailor Jump

You are a sailor who has lost his ship, besides you are still a sailor who cannot swim, but can jump very well for that. This will have to deal with the game Sailor Jump. Sailor Jump - This is a 2D acrad with a side view, the task is to jump on platforms as long as possible and not fall into the water. Compete with your friends and set new records! The game is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, the main thing is not to hurry and accurately calculate the trajectory and force of the jump.
1255 Awesome Taxi
Awesome Taxi Download Free!

Awesome Taxi

Awesome Taxi - This is an arcade game in which the player assumes the role of a space taxi driver. The task is to deliver all customers safe and sound in the allotted time. Watch the timer, customers must be delivered on time, otherwise failure. Watch the fuel, it is important, otherwise, BOOM! Take a taxi carefully, on the way many obstacles and intricate levels, dodge asteroids and moving platforms.
1256 Minecraft Runner
Minecraft Runner Download Free!

Minecraft Runner

This is an exciting runner style game in which you need to jump in order not to run into obstacles on your way. The more you pass the more points you earn. Management: to jump press SPACE.
1257 Stickman Killer 3
Stickman Killer 3 Download Free!

Stickman Killer 3

We present you, dear lovers of toys on android, a new game about stickmans - Stickman killer 3. In this toy, amazing kills and puzzles and puzzles will await you again. In our game you will be presented as bloodthirsty zombies who really want to enjoy other characters - stickmans. For those who like to play with fantastic characters that kill people, this game is great. After all, you will see splashes of blood that will go from sinful people. It is time people pay for their sins. You, as it were, will clean the world of "dirt". The game will take place in various places: inside a two-story apartment building, in the street courtyard, on a city street with a crossroads. Your main task will be how to get into certain places so that zombies can eat stikmanov. And there will be those sinners who lead a normal life: sleep, wash, cook, drink tea, smoke cigarettes, play ball, sit on the couch, etc. And when the action of the game goes into the open spaces, then there you will have to face with total chaos. Cars will get stuckman, airplanes will fall on houses and destroy them (and from the wave that is created when hitting the house, they will cover the stickmans and they will learn to fly), you will see shooting characters from the windows of houses, and everyone will eat zombies. You should also not be surprised by the eagles, which will be of large size. They fly there for a reason; they will also hunt stikmans to carry them to their nest. Stop this hell on the open spaces of the game is not beyond the power of even Batman. Though chaos reigns in the circle, you should not care about it. After all, your main task is to eliminate all stikmanov on street spaces. The toy is dynamic and interesting. There are also sounds in the game, like zombies eating sinners. In a word, a meat grinder in its purest form. In the beginning you may have problems with the passage of the game. And if this happens, then know that you are choosing the wrong course of action. Take a closer look and find the loophole with which to start the toy. For example, deep open the door to the shower (this is from the first mission), if you have not opened the door to enter the house. Turn on your logic and close attention, and you will see the dynamism of the game, and all that chaos mentioned earlier.
1258 Adventure Game
Adventure Game Download Free!

Adventure Game

Adventure game. Rescuing a princess going through many difficulties. The knight will have to go through all the traps, as well as dragons and at the same time collect stars. With the death of the hero, you still have the opportunity to complete the game. Interesting gameplay and challenging levels.
1259 Stickman Killer 2
Stickman Killer 2 Download Free!

Stickman Killer 2

Game plot: In the game you have to eliminate the criminals in order to free the uninvited guests from the homes of civilians. You are the secret agent of the country's national security and it is in your interest to eliminate the terrorists. You will work undercover. Behind your back will always be the world order and people in black clothes. Other super secret mercenaries will fight for you. Game features: But how to eliminate opponents? This is up to you. The success of the counterterrorist operation depends on you. Can you use improvised means or using some of the most popular super heroes? Or maybe it would just be enough to catch the right moment and not make any effort? After all, time is unlimited here, so you can calmly, without haste, think and show all your imagination. The game will please not only lovers to think, analyze the situation, but also those who like to spend time without being bored, delighting places with ridiculous situations. If you want to brighten up your boring day with an interesting, entertaining game with colorful graphics and exciting gameplay, then Stickman Killer will perfectly cope with this. The game is completely free. Graphics and Animation: Graphics juicy, performed at a high level. The animation is funny, sometimes funny, which can not affect the good mood. Good music that complements the game with bright colors. The game has an Adobe AIR 2D engine that will allow you to enjoy this wonderful game on any android mobile device. The game has low requests to your hardware, the picture will go without braking. Gameplay: The game consists of three locations. In each location there will be five criminals. Everyone needs to be killed in a unique way. For example, you can stickman kill the chandelier, another kill the killer from the window. Another stikman will suffocate in the garage from a running car. Another stickman will stumble on the steps and die. One will take even a flying saucer from the window. In the second location, one stickman will die under the wheels of the car, a tree will fall on the other, a meteorite will fall on the third, Superman will kill the fourth. Fifth Stickman will kill Spiderman. In the third location, the first Stickman will die of a broken heart, because he will see a ghost. The second will die from Captain America, the third will die from zombies. The fourth enemy will die from the fact that the floor collapses under him, and on the fifth stickman a samurai toy will fall and pierce his head with his sharp sword.
1260 Monster Clicker
Monster Clicker Download Free!

Monster Clicker

Monster Clicker. Monster Clicker - A fascinating clicker. You need to kill different monsters, save money, rubies. When you have enough money, rubies - you can buy new weapons, or assistants who will cause damage to monsters. Become the richest and kill all the monsters in the game Monster Clicker!
1261 Catch Fruits
Catch Fruits Download Free!

Catch Fruits

In this game you need to catch a fruit basket. You get a point for every fruit you catch, but be careful, because fruits fall faster each time.
1262 Stickman Killer
Stickman Killer Download Free!

Stickman Killer

Game plot: You are a secret agent. You are sent to the three secret object to eliminate the criminals. Kill everyone in unique ways. Stickman is a widespread hero all over the world. A lot of games have already come out with his participation, but they are few. This game is decent because it is made with the mind. Animation, graphics, logic will inspire you to go through this game to the very end. Game features: Time will be enough to think about how you can organize the murder of criminals. Click on different objects and areas next to the criminals so that the finger of fate punishes the criminals. Graphics: Colorful 2D graphics will delight you throughout the game. Sound accompaniment: Each murder is accompanied by interesting sounds. Gameplay: Three locations: a house with rooms, a street with houses and cars, and a beach on an island with a ship. At each location there will be several criminals. You need to kill them. Variety of logical kills will strain your brain. The game has a puzzle arcade genre. Cool animation and ridiculous death of criminals will raise your spirits. The uniqueness of the game is that you do not have to attack enemies yourself, you will need to quietly click on an object or area. For example, it will be necessary to click on the double-decker bed of a sleeping criminal, then the criminal will fall and break. Another criminal will cool off on the toilet, for him to click on the shower, then he will drown in a room full of water. Another criminal will die if you click on the chandelier, the chandelier will fall on your head and kill it. In the game you can turn on the gas so that the smoking person explodes. You can feed the criminal poisoned apple, so that he poisoned and died. You can click on the TV so that the criminal sees the terrible girl and dies of a heartbreak. You can click on the desk lamp to kill the criminal with a current. You can click on the washcloth so that the criminal can be eaten by the monster. You can click on the dove, then the dove will fly on the enemy and the enemy will fall from the roof to death. Click on the roof, then the enemy will fall under the roof and break. You can click on the car, then the car will kill the enemy and a dead enemy with a wheel will fly out of the car and this wheel will kill the enemy standing nearby with a cigarette. In the location with the ship, click on the coconuts, when the enemy climbs on a tree, then the coconut will fall on the enemy's head and the enemy will fall to the death on the sand. Click on the cannon, then the tent will explode with a shot and from this explosion will kill two enemies at once. Click on the cloud, then lightning will kill the enemy and the enemy will fall into the water.
1263 Money Clicker
Money Clicker Download Free!

Money Clicker

Money Clicker - Interesting Clicker. Click on the button, buy employees, things. Increase your income by buying items, hiring employees. Every time, the thing you bought will become more expensive. Become the richest in the Money Clicker game!
1264 Tizi Run
Tizi Run Download Free!

Tizi Run

TiziRun - unusual and interesting runner it all started with the fact that a monster named Dulse attacked the peaceful settlement of the main character Tizi the only one who ran away from the monster collect a multiple number of keys running from the monster, but besides the monster you will be disturbed by his assistants! Run !!
1265 The Monster
The Monster Download Free!

The Monster

Do you know what madness is? Madness is what creates our monsters in the game "The Monster". Meet 2D Shooter top view about monster monster who accidentally became a sewer. Do you think this is a joke? This is not a joke, and you will see for yourself. Go through all the adventures with a monster. Good luck!
1266 Go Up
Go Up Download Free!

Go Up

In this game you will control a square, you need to climb up the platforms. You have to be careful because the platforms can move or disappear.
1267 Adventures In Our Area
Adventures In Our Area Download Free!

Adventures In Our Area

Have you ever dreamed to feel the hard way, what is it like to be the most ordinary homeless person? You have this opportunity! This game, Adventures In Our Area (AIOA) about the acute social problems of the lower class from the depths of your native cozy city: harsh cats and pigeons do not let you go quietly and a couple of centimeters, gopniks always lurk around the corner and knock out teeth, an attentive saleswoman in a local store cannot do not keep track of how you steal bread ... Can you cope with such difficulties - bytovuhoy average BOMZH'a?
1268 Basket Death
Basket Death Download Free!

Basket Death

Your goal - any way to score the ball in the ring.
1269 Soaring Perl Tom
Soaring Perl Tom Download Free!

Soaring Perl Tom

Soaring perl Tom is an arkanoid with a side view, the main task is to clear the Playground from enemies. How to do this? Everything is simple the main thing is to throw the ball accurately into them, with the help of our red cat and not let it fall into the abyss. During the gameplay there are obstacles in the form of impenetrable blocks, as well as a variety of opponents. Which will help to get rid of bonuses that fall over time.
1270 Throw A Ball
Throw A Ball Download Free!

Throw A Ball

In this game you have to control the ball. You need to fall to the bottom and dodge the obstacles falling from above and not fall into the traps of the platforms, you need to be careful because the ball constantly jumps. For each platform from which you fall you will be given a score.
1271 Cube And Run
Cube And Run Download Free!

Cube And Run

This is an exciting runner style game in which you need to jump in order not to run into obstacles on your way. The more you pass, the more points you earn. control: to jump press SPACE.


SAMURAI IN AFRICA - a cheerful and dynamic runner about a little samurai, who by the will of fate got to desert Africa and he really needs to get home. On Your way there will be deep abysses and dangerous crevices that need to be jumped, high mountains that need to climb and a long,long way home. Will You be able to go this way with the samurai to the end? If You are tired of endless shooters and skirmishes, the SIA what You need!
1273 2D Roguelike
2D Roguelike Download Free!

2D Roguelike

Survive! Dodge zombies! Collect food! You are waiting for big adventures through the levels. You need to survive with a small supply of food during a zombie apocalypse. Every day is harder. Good luck!
1274 Running Sphere
Running Sphere Download Free!

Running Sphere

Running Sphere is a runner style game. Made with pleasant color combinations for the eyes. The bottom line is that our sphere will jump over obstacles, otherwise the sphere will die (you do not want this?). The control is extremely simple, just press the space bar, and our sphere will start jumping. The game is great for "killing" your time.
1275 Pew Paw
Pew Paw Download Free!

Pew Paw

All you have is an old machine gun and a little dog.
1276 WeakWood Throne
WeakWood Throne Download Free!

WeakWood Throne

WeakWood Throne is an open world 2D action RPG.
1277 Youtubers Clicker
Youtubers Clicker Download Free!

Youtubers Clicker

Youtubers clicker - is a game where you goal is to create your own partner company, combine all the tubers and earn the maximum number of subscribers. Ready? Good luck!
1278 Old War 2
Old War 2 Download Free!

Old War 2

OldWar 2 - will take thousands of years ahead after the events of the first part. The game is made in the genre of RTS (real-time strategy). Each level has its own goal, which will not be easy to achieve. The war for resources can also turn the tide. It is necessary to capture the possible sources of gas. Use the building to recruit and upgrade Your soldiers. Do not forget to combine troops to achieve victory. Also, the task can be complicated by nature itself. Tornadoes, lightning, meteorites can harm your soldiers or Vice versa to help.
1279 Super B Dinos
Super B Dinos Download Free!

Super B Dinos

Super B-Dino's adventures is a Game about Dino the dinosaur a little dragon. Everyone in the world knows that dragons also have enemies and Dino is no exception. Help Dino overcome all the challenges and climb as high as possible. Jump on platforms and try not to fall and not to face terrible monsters under cheerful music. Dino has only 5 lives, take care of them!
1280 Teply Jump
Teply Jump Download Free!

Teply Jump

TeplyJump - This is an arcade with 3 modes: simple, hard and hardcore. Get more points and be the best of the best. 100,000 points to get into the quest room where after completion quest you play the game and you can get points is easy to be the best!
1281 Fly In Sky
Fly In Sky Download Free!

Fly In Sky

In this game you have to control the bird. You need to avoid obstacles and get as many points as possible.
1282 Mad Rabbit
Mad Rabbit Download Free!

Mad Rabbit

Crazy rabbit goes on the warpath with other animals, armed with a cannon shooting carrots and loyal katana. Bloody inhabitants of forests, deserts and frozen lands are trying to stop a crazy rabbit who is unaware of what lies ahead for them ... Mad Rabbit - Top-Down-Shooter in the best traditions of the Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon, which has everything you need for all sorts of enemies, each level of difficulty of ages and monsters becomes more and more, the benefit of a rabbit in a bloody shooter, dynamic and full of fun.
1283 Super Pinpong
Super Pinpong Download Free!

Super Pinpong

In this game you have to control the board to reflect the ball to it. Your goal is to hit the ball so that it gets into the enemy zone and earn as many points as possible. Control lung A - left D - right or you can drag the board with the mouse.
1284 Pixel Tanks
Pixel Tanks Download Free!

Pixel Tanks

Pixel tanks - a modern look at the old "tanks". In this game there are chips that are characteristic of modern games. Six types of tanks, each of which has unique characteristics, the possibility of playing together, 14 cards for an arcade game, explosions, 12 campaign levels and achievements for them. For arcade and multiplayer games, you can choose modifications in the form of falling boxes with bonuses, or falling bombs. The game also has interesting mechanics that you will be taught in the levels of the campaign, so that you can apply them in the game against the computer, or a real player.
1285 Sliver Sclicker
Sliver Sclicker Download Free!

Sliver Sclicker

Game in the genre of IDL-clicker, where you have to create icons from which fall things that, in turn, you can sell in your inventory. With the money you can buy new "sets" that will be needed to create icons, level boosters, as well as modifications to your profile!
1286 Pumpkin Run
Pumpkin Run Download Free!

Pumpkin Run

Classic runner, where the hero in the role of a pumpkinhead must overcome all the obstacles and defeat evil monsters. Nice graphics and design. Control button up - jump, down - tackle. Run to the pumpkin house and collect as many coins as possible.
1287 Santa Runner
Santa Runner Download Free!

Santa Runner

Classic timekiller-runner about Santa Claus. Collect scattered gifts and destroy the zombies that attack you. Easy control, just a mouse. Nice graphics and mood of the new year. Collect as many gifts as possible and do not fall into the paws of ominous zombies
1288 Project Earth
Project Earth Download Free!

Project Earth

World conspiracy or UFO attack? Only decide what to believe. One of the superpowers, develops, the latest modern weapons of the 25th generation. Many separate laboratories are working on these weapons. Many countries have died from an alien invasion - so they will say in the news. But you and only you know that this is all a conspiracy. You are an adept and senior officer. You control the newest weapons, you are given the order to destroy the countries you disagree with. Destroy everything in its path. Let people think that they were attacked by aliens, let them build their armies to protect against aliens and spend huge amounts of money to protect their borders. Only your country should be the most powerful. Manage the spacecraft, destroy everything in its path. To start the game, hover your mouse over the PLAY button. In the central menu, you can upgrade. After that, click on the PLAY button to start the game. Control is done by WASD, buttons Q and E use additional weapons. Manage sight - MOUSE.
1289 Switch Your Gun
Switch Your Gun Download Free!

Switch Your Gun

Switch your gun - A game that offers you to protect your planet from invaders. You shouldn't think that it will be so easy because your enemies are heavily armored. But each of them has a vulnerability to a certain type of weapon. Especially for you, we designed a ship that can deal with all enemies. It has three types of plasma guns. You can switch between them to the keys Q (Red), W (green), E (yellow). To move\ the ship use the keys D and A. The enemies are coming! By the way, for your ship, say "Thank you" to MillionthVector.
1290 Stickman Jetpack
Stickman Jetpack Download Free!

Stickman Jetpack

Fly to the finish. You will play for Stickman, who will fly with a jetpack. Your task is from point A to reach point B or hold on for a few seconds depending on the level. Fly and survive! You are waiting for the different levels where you need to control the height of the rise and fall. You will have a certain amount of fuel to pass the level. On the way there will be various obstacles that can prevent you and even destroy you. In addition to moving blocks, laser guns, self-guided bombs and much more will appear on the way. Fly as you like. You can make a calm flight, and you can fly very sharply and boldly. You are waiting for a variety of flights that you will remember for a lifetime. Convenient management, quiet graphics will suit your taste. Enjoy beautiful physics and sounds. In this game you will not have a parachute, but there will be a jet pack! Which will save your life from the dangers and help you fly home as soon as possible.
1291 Click Coin
Click Coin Download Free!

Click Coin

ClickCoin is a common clicker. To start earning Coin you need to click on the big blue button. To get to the store you need to click on the blue button with a basket in the upper right corner of the screen. The first improvement gives more Coin for 1 click. The second automatically replenishes Coin (1 Coin per second).
1292 Time Ninja Sakura
Time Ninja Sakura Download Free!

Time Ninja Sakura

In the wondrous Japanese garden, cherry blossoms - the Empress walked. Evil and cunning ninjas kidnapped her and hid in a red pagoda. It is your time, you must save the Empress. Go through all the steps of the pagoda and free the empress. A colorful hand-drawn runner game with musical motifs from Japan. You should try on all floors and not fall into the traps. The higher, the harder it becomes to play, diversify enemies and traps. At the end of the game you will find the main villain - the dragon. You can spend on the outfit of the hero.
1293 My Loved Heart
My Loved Heart Download Free!

My Loved Heart

Zombie platformer, jump on the platforms and collect your favorite hearts to move on. Do not step on the spikes, they will kill the zombies. Zombies can bounce off walls when jumping, use this feature to jump to the right place. More than 30 levels of exciting games with fun zombie music and great gameplay. Click the mouse, the zombie will jump. Jump and do not fall on the spikes. Collect all the hearts and achivki. Pixel graphic style, hardcore and unforgettable music - that's all you need for a pleasant evening.
1294 Memory Kara
Memory Kara Download Free!

Memory Kara

Memory Kara is a game for training memory and reaction. Memorize paired cards and have time to open everything in a certain time. The more the game level, the time gets faster - increasing the complexity of the game. Choose pair cards with birds to win and train attention. Simple educational game.
1295 Stickman Destruction
Stickman Destruction Download Free!

Stickman Destruction

Do you like stickmans? These courageous little men with whom you can do everything, or almost. In this game, the stickman is going to be the victim of your quest for points. Wound, kill, explode, pierce, burst, break the stickman. Whenever you complete your mission, you open up new levels, win extra vehicles and earn points. There are no rules to eliminate your stickman, leave your imagination free, you have carte blanche. And if your parents tell you that the game is too violent, reassure them, with Stickman Destruction, you train for your future job: stuntman!
1296 Demonic Possession
Demonic Possession Download Free!

Demonic Possession

Demonic Possession is a classic JRPG-style game with turn-based battles and random encounters. Golmaal, son of Lord Turmoil, head of Hell, was banished from Hell to Earth for his sloppiness and promiscuity. In the meantime, the devil's sister, Mania, took advantage of the throne weakening and performed a coup, setting her own rules in Hell. Golmala has to find all pieces of the rare artifact that are scattered throughout the whole Europe, defeating the minions of Mania along the route by possessing all kinds of people, from uneducated to tech guys and cretive ones. Fascinating battles, lots of units and items along with interesting bosses who can provide challenge - all these things are waiting for you in the game!
1297 Street Battle 2
Street Battle 2 Download Free!

Street Battle 2

Street Battle 2 is a Beat'em up game. Unknown mutant fighters invaded the land. You have to repel the attack of the enemy. Choose your fighter from six available characters. Defeat all your opponents in three available locations. Good luck!
1298 Hunter Evil Spirits
Hunter Evil Spirits Download Free!

Hunter Evil Spirits

You have to play the hunter on the evil. You will travel to different locations and territories in search of orders for monsters. On the way you will meet various characters and monsters. Rogues, mutants, skeletons, zombies, magicians, dragons, the witcher and many other mythical creatures will meet on your way. An epic adventure, battle and interesting plot will absorb your consciousness while you play the game. This mythical tale, European folklore will excite players around the world. Unusual graphics, black humor will surprise you. The game will appeal to adults and children. The game consists of several chapters, gradually the developer will develop new chapters for the plot of the game.
1299 Maze Of Pain
Maze Of Pain Download Free!

Maze Of Pain

Maze of Pain - a game in the genre of horror You have to be in a terrible maze filled with monsters and deadly traps. Your task is to collect bottles, or search for a way out.
1300 Amazing Editor
Amazing Editor Download Free!

Amazing Editor

You lost your job, your wife and family. After several years of wandering, you are taken to work in the magazine "Our Ural", to the post of chief editor. You have only 9 weeks to go through a trial period and again smell the money, good luck and pleasure. There are talented journalists in your team who will not let you relax with their ideas. Do not forget about investors who dictate their own rules. Become the editor-in-chief of the magazine and take the first place in the all-Russian "Journal of the Year" competition