1300 Amazing Editor
Amazing Editor Download Free!

Amazing Editor

You lost your job, your wife and family. After several years of wandering, you are taken to work in the magazine "Our Ural", to the post of chief editor. You have only 9 weeks to go through a trial period and again smell the money, good luck and pleasure. There are talented journalists in your team who will not let you relax with their ideas. Do not forget about investors who dictate their own rules. Become the editor-in-chief of the magazine and take the first place in the all-Russian "Journal of the Year" competition
1301 Kitty Run
Kitty Run Download Free!

Kitty Run

Funny and difficult runner about Kitty. You play as a cat who must save his kittens. Jump over obstacles and stay alive. Use in the game gravity boots, dragon, ufo. Hand drawing, fun music and many levels. Press the left button to jump.
1302 Space Jump Cat
Space Jump Cat Download Free!

Space Jump Cat

This is a classic timekiller in a space setting. You need to keep going for as long as possible collecting the emerging crystals. Dont fly to open space. Click mouse for fly. Collect crystals, hold out as long as possible.
1303 Hard Man
Hard Man Download Free!

Hard Man

You are a federal agent under cover. You have a very important task - to destroy the leader of the drug cartel, who hid deep in the bunker. The path to it passes through labyrinths with many traps that no one can pass. Complete the task, kill the leader of the gang and free the city from drugs. Be careful and accurate. Only experience and perseverance will help you walk this difficult path.
1304 Bird Song
Bird Song Download Free!

Bird Song

This is the place where the personality of the zone increases the number of people who are in the game.
1305 Star Battle
Star Battle Download Free!

Star Battle

StarBattle - arcade. The game takes place in distant space. You will have to defend against enemy space ships in order to survive. The controls are simple: arrows (controls), Ctrl or the left mouse button (shooting). The game was created by Karsonnary.
1306 Roll The Cube
Roll The Cube Download Free!

Roll The Cube

Roll the cube is a game designed to break patterns. Who said that only balls can roll? Try to overcome obstacles with a cube. You can only jump (on the Space button) and change the direction of movement (on the A and D buttons). 7The cube can also fly if you press Space very quickly. Well, if you are stuck and you need to return to the beginning of the level - press R.
1307 Split
Split Download Free!


Could you dodge one enemy? And when there are several? And when their ten? Enemies in this game are divided into two all the time after you kill them. The best of the best will reach the end. Control on the keys A and D. Shooting paint.
1308 Save The Platty
Save The Platty Download Free!

Save The Platty

The rules of this game are very simple, you should evade the platform under the name Platty, from falling blocks. Set your record in the game, after holding out more seconds, and it will not be easy, because with every second the game becomes more and more difficult. Simple platformer will help you to train your reaction to the limit. Control keys: A and D! Good luck!
1309 Deadly Ship
Deadly Ship Download Free!

Deadly Ship

deadly ship is a hardcore arcade game with a nice graphic design. Here you are waiting for several amazing levels, in each of which you have to complete one of the tasks: destruction, survival or salvation. And all this accompanied by amazing music!
1310 Hard Pixel
Hard Pixel Download Free!

Hard Pixel

HardPixel - the name of the game speaks for itself. You play per pixel and go through difficult levels. Your goal is to reach to the portal that takes you to the next level. The game is short and does not take much time. Only 30 levels near the end game mechanics change and you can climb walls or change gravity. Good luck!
1311 Gravity Wars Black Hole
Gravity Wars Black Hole Download Free!

Gravity Wars Black Hole

Have you ever created celestial bodies? And here it is done in one touch!
1312 Electric Scribe
Electric Scribe Download Free!

Electric Scribe

No electricity? Internet does not work? Need to repair. Feel like an electrician, in a funny puzzle game Electric Scribe. Spend energy to the house and save people from boredom and gloom. Many levels, simple and complex, which will require from you not only logic, but also speed. Become the country's top electrician with the Electric Scribe!
1313 Forgotten Adventure
Forgotten Adventure Download Free!

Forgotten Adventure

A forgotten adventure is a game about a nice little man. Somehow our hero forgot the road, he was lost and got into an enchanted place. And now, he is looking for his way, overcoming traps, dangers and various obstacles. Every time he falls into a trap, everything starts with a new one. Take on the role of this unfortunate little man and try to take the biggest record for passing! In the game you have to try to go as many places as possible and set a record. But be careful, because you are surrounded by various hazards: from water to circular saws! In the Forgotten adventure there are game bonuses: extra life and speeding up the character. You can get bonuses by spending coins, which you will collect as you progress through the game: they will come across you along the way, as well as in hidden corners, you can even find a chest with coins!
1314 Grape Jelly
Grape Jelly Download Free!

Grape Jelly

Take on the role of sweet grape jelly! Help him jump over various obstacles. Dial the highest score, beat all records! But be careful, because with every second the game gets complicated, and you only have 3 lives.
1315 Object Cleaning
Object Cleaning Download Free!

Object Cleaning

The main character randomly gets on the secret object "Cleaning". There he learns that an unforeseen catastrophe occurred on this site: all the personnel infected with an unknown virus, horrible monsters appeared. You have to get out of the laboratory, defeat monsters, using a different arsenal of weapons: from mines to machine gun turrets. The game contains scenes of blood.
1316 Project Defense
Project Defense Download Free!

Project Defense

Project Defense - game in the genre of defense tower. You have to repel the enemy's attacks on the main base, for this you will need a variety of turrets, from the machine gun to the lasers and missile salvos. To improve the efficiency of your tower, you can improve them, up to three times! Build, defend the base and win!
1317 Bird
Bird Download Free!


The Bird game is a small parody of the Flappy Bird game. You need to prevent the bird from falling to the ground or colliding with the object. Management is simple, you just need to click on the screen. The genre of this game is a platformer. Created by Karsonnary.
1318 The Strawberry
The Strawberry Download Free!

The Strawberry

You control a beautiful bowl of yours, aim to catch as many strawberries as possible.
1319 Road Runner
Road Runner Download Free!

Road Runner

Meet Charlie, and he needs to run a marathon, his path lies through dangerous traps and obstacles, birds, rolling barrels, abysses and much more, waiting on the path of poor Charlie, can he overcome all these difficulties, go all the way and prove everything that he is a real marathon runner? All in your hands!
1320 Mad Arkanoid
Mad Arkanoid Download Free!

Mad Arkanoid

Mad Arkanoid is a classic and popular Mad World game. Fascinating and dynamic gameplay. You control the skate across the screen. You need to break all the blocks and beat the ball with the skate. The main feature of the game are all sorts of bonuses that affect the gameplay. Please note that you will interfere with the flying elephant, homeless and many others. You need to be careful and precise, then you can conquer the world of Mad Arkanoid.
1321 The Duller
The Duller Download Free!

The Duller

The Duller - is a dynamic retro-style game in which you have to protect the Earth and destroy the enemy and fight with a huge boss who wants to capture the entire galaxy. At each level, you are waiting for improvements, interesting bonuses and new enemies. Do not forget to collect mini-drones to score as many points and become the best among friends and acquaintances. Can you save the Earth?
1322 Fishy
Fishy Download Free!


This is a clicker game of the genre, click on the fish reaching a new level, and opening a new fish. Reach the highest level in the game Fishy. The best game to kill time for your PC. There are three levels of fish, the top level is considered a goldfish. The game will help you to kill time when you are bored and want to have fun, poking at the fish and getting points.
1323 Catch This Food
Catch This Food Download Free!

Catch This Food

This fun arcade game will make you sweat! Manage a tray that has to catch food falling from above. But be careful, the type of food should be the same as on the tray itself. With each minute it will get harder and the falling food even more. Beat your own records and prove that you are the best. " food catcher "in the world!
1324 Flappy Ghost
Flappy Ghost Download Free!

Flappy Ghost

Welcome to the world of the Flappy Ghost. Help the ghost to escape from the dark world. Control the ghost with touching the screen to fly, and avoid obstacles. Download Flappy Ghost, and travel to this world full of secrets and fear.
1325 Uncompromising Trash
Uncompromising Trash Download Free!

Uncompromising Trash

You have not seen this for a long time, you have not experienced this for a long time. Your hero, behind the group - sperm. You need to survive killing bacteria from a variety of weapons, throw bloody swabs, shoot shit and falimimetator, spit green snot and kill all enemies. Frankly nasty bosses will not let you breathe easy, a squall of filth will bring you to madness. Survival mode will be able to identify the strongest. You need to kill all the abomination. Collect food and buy gostrabytera, he will protect you and support you in your not easy way - to survive. Stay alive - only you can continue to live on earth.
1326 Stickman Road Draw 2
Stickman Road Draw 2 Download Free!

Stickman Road Draw 2

Stickman Racer Road Draw 2 is a legendary survival game where you have to do cool tricks on various vehicles. The game is made in the best traditions of simulators with elements of ragdoll physics. Perform cool jumps and stunts and mercilessly destroy the enemy! Your task is to reach the finish line alive or dead!
1327 Steel Invaders
Steel Invaders Download Free!

Steel Invaders

Infinitely addictive arcade
1328 Space Wars
Space Wars Download Free!

Space Wars

Space Wars - a game that takes you into a world full of space battles. Shoot and destroy enemy spaceships. Get points for each enemy killed, but be careful, the enemies also know how to shoot. Do not give bored and asteroids. Destroy this space junk and you may drop a bonus. Play, score points and set new records!
1329 Tiny Ship War
Tiny Ship War Download Free!

Tiny Ship War

Tiny ship war is a 2D arcade game where you need to sink your opponent! To do this, you can shoot cores, drop floating bombs and maneuver ships to survive! The game has 3 maps with different tactical conditions! You can use TWO modes: PvP and Against bots! Most importantly - do not go to the island!
1330 Cosmo Hero
Cosmo Hero Download Free!

Cosmo Hero

Cosmos comes to an end! The aliens want to seize space. But one brave man decides to save the cosmos. You will have to fight the enemy boxes and destroy them. Hold on as long as possible and remember decides not only strength but also reason. Join us, do not be lazy!
1331 Mad Hunter
Mad Hunter Download Free!

Mad Hunter

Mad Hunter is a scroller with cool graphics and perky gameplay!
1332 Rat Arena
Rat Arena Download Free!

Rat Arena

What is it? Rat Arena is the battle of Humans and Artificial Intelligence.
1333 Cats Tanks
Cats Tanks Download Free!

Cats Tanks

Tanks game - which will make you remember the past and help you experience new feelings. All fans of classic tanks - is dedicated. Protect your headquarters from a variety of enemies. Control a cat on a bike, shoot at all enemies, bypass obstacles, smash and collect bonuses. Many levels, many enemies and many bonuses - all this awaits you in Cats Tanks !!!
1334 Labyrinth Of AO
Labyrinth Of AO Download Free!

Labyrinth Of AO

Among the cold Northern Glaciers hidden from unnecessary eyes is a mysterious structure - the local call it Labyrinth Ao. Allegedly it was built for some of its goals by the werewolf Ao, by whose name the design is named. For many years this place did not bother anyone until one day from its depths did not emerge hordes of undead and did not terrorize peaceful settlers. Then the king of Regnum, the local state, hired a mercenary mage of Klipema who courageously agreed to clear the Labyrinth of the wandering death. Here's just a catch: no one ever returned from the Labyrinth ...
1335 Best Of Fight
Best Of Fight Download Free!

Best Of Fight

Do you fight better? Pump you in style and congratulate all enemies in the "Best Of Fight". Pick up weapons first and destroy all around. Casual battle for first place. Press the spacebar harder and more often to jump higher. Casual arcade style stick mans battles.
1336 Ballistic Attack
Ballistic Attack Download Free!

Ballistic Attack

Ballistic Attack is a classic defense of its base in an unusual and bright setting. Defend the base and get improvement points. Hordes of enemies will try to break through the defenses. Give them a hard fight with Ballistic Attack. Defend the approaches to your base, withstand several attacks using 10 types of steep weapons with the possibility of its improvements.
1337 Weird Beat
Weird Beat Download Free!

Weird Beat

Breaking through the crowd of ardent mutants, you still managed to somehow get to a more or less safe place. You sat down. After a while, you'll be on your way to find a way out. But here's the dilemma! Before you was a steep mountain, behind which there was an exit, but to pass this obstacle, you have to lend a lot of new monsters! The plot of this game takes place during the second part, when you ran away from the crowds of monsters. After some time, you still were able to break away, but before you was another question. You see a way out, but it is blocked by a bunch of terrible entities (in the form of dwarfs), which you need to lend the rest of the magic and get out to freedom!
1338 Tod Stein
Tod Stein Download Free!

Tod Stein

Tod Stein - space shooter about a brave surfer Ivan, who with his hard life has to fly into a dangerous nebula at high speeds, Dodge obstacles and collecting magical green apples to save his life. You have to learn about the hard life of a space traveler, defeat enemies and fly through the endless space.
1339 The Eyeman
The Eyeman Download Free!

The Eyeman

Almost every person ever wanted to become a super hero. But in reality they will not become, but in this game - easily! Manage the unusual superhero (The Eyeman) and save the city from the invasion of monsters! Just be careful, because when you kill a hundred monsters, their huge leader will appear !!!
1340 Cult 2112
Cult 2112 Download Free!

Cult 2112

Cult 2112 - a game about an unknown hero that decided to challenge the forces of a mysterious sect located underground. Explore the mysterious building and sweep away all who stand in your way. The game has 15 levels, the final boss, 4 types of weapons.
1341 Ballistic Protection
Ballistic Protection Download Free!

Ballistic Protection

Ballistic defense is an old-school tower defense with many weapons and enemies.
1342 World Of Tea
World Of Tea Download Free!

World Of Tea

World of Tea - a game where you have to take on the role of a kettle, and pour as much boiling water in the Cup, without spilling a single drop on the ground. Do not think that everything will be so simple. Not everyone can hold the Cup in one place, so you'll have to hit the moving cups. Feel like a sniper under the cheerful music and type as much as possible score!
1343 WW II TD
WW II TD Download Free!


second world war. You are the commander of the tank division of the allies and must defend the only available passage to the city from the tank army of invaders! At Your disposal the latest tanks and means to destroy the enemy. And as expected, for each destroyed enemy tank You rely reward. Fight as long as you can!
1344 Aerospace Forces
Aerospace Forces Download Free!

Aerospace Forces

On the planet earth, attacked by aliens. Only you - the captain of aerospace forces will be able to save the planet from enemies. You have to protect the orbital station, as well as penetrate the rear of the enemy and destroy all aliens. Several types of ship and weapons. Collect objects breaking capsules, pump your ship. Arcade scrolling shooter, view from the side. Nice graphics and atmospheric music - immerse you in the Aerospace Forces. Note. You can configure multiple control modes. You can choose the game joystick.
1345 Scalpel Maestro
Scalpel Maestro Download Free!

Scalpel Maestro

Unusual game, with non-standard gameplay. Feel yourself as a hero. Your movements must be perfectly accurate so as not to harm the patient, otherwise everything will be covered with blood. You have to deftly managed by a sharp scalpel and cut off malicious monsters from different parts of the body. Rotate the scalpel using the mouse wheel. Online table of records.
1346 Dont Burn
Dont Burn Download Free!

Dont Burn

The city is on fire. YOU - a brave lifeguard who will stop at nothing to stop the fire and save the inhabitants of the city.
1347 AA Touch Gun
AA Touch Gun Download Free!

AA Touch Gun

Classic timekiller. Defend yourself from the attack of the aircraft. Destroy all the planes. You can get bonuses for the destruction of enemies. Watch out for small and fast planes. Control is carried out with the mouse. Click on the aircraft. You need to hold out as long as possible and shoot down all the planes.
1348 Happy Claus Christmas
Happy Claus Christmas Download Free!

Happy Claus Christmas

Happy Claus: Christmas Edition - a fun arcade game about the adventures of Santa Claus on the night before Christmas. You have to feel like Santa Claus and fly between the chimneys of fireplaces to deliver gifts to children. It will take a lot of courage and skill not to touch one of the pipes or fall to the ground, because then You will open.
1349 Nanoborg
Nanoborg Download Free!


Nanorobotics in action! Nanoborg is a super funny 2d side-scroller with inverted input mechanic!Try your luck and use all your skills to help a tiny Nanoborg reach his goal.
1350 Hunters For Your Brain
Hunters For Your Brain Download Free!

Hunters For Your Brain

In the same lab where carried out experiments on the people the disaster occurred. All the staff left the clinic except You. You have to go through the hospital corridors are full of zombies, but it will not be an exit. The clinic itself is located on the territory of a secret military base and you will need to go through security to the exit. Look for ammunition and medicines. Ready? Then go ahead.