1000 Into The Depths
Into The Depths Download Free!

Into The Depths

You play as a submarine. You need to collect coins and not fall for sharks, otherwise you will lose.
1001 Cat Running
Cat Running Download Free!

Cat Running

You are a cat who needs to complete a level without bumping into red blocks. You can jump using the spacebar and collect green blocks.
1002 Dongeon Breaker
Dongeon Breaker Download Free!

Dongeon Breaker

You have to break all the bricks that are above you. After hitting the bricks you get points and you can also get nice prizes.
1003 Rise And Fall
Rise And Fall Download Free!

Rise And Fall

This game is a metaphor of an individual's life. This objective isn't to win but to learn a lesson. It simulates when something goes wrong in a person's life and it can seem that everything is spiralling out of control and we are stuck in a bad situation.
1004 Pool Of Death
Pool Of Death Download Free!

Pool Of Death

Pool of Death is a RPG style horror game with humor! Have you ever wondered how musicians would do hold their own in the zombie apocalypse?
1005 Arcade Games
Arcade Games Download Free!

Arcade Games

You are in space. You need to dodge enemies in order to survive.
1006 Blob Runner
Blob Runner Download Free!

Blob Runner

You are Blob and your world is falling apart around you! Run as fast as you can for as long as you can while avoiding all the pits, saws and falling spike blocks in your path. Don't slow down though, or the ground may disappear beneath your feet.
1007 Black Map On The Road
Black Map On The Road Download Free!

Black Map On The Road

You play as a ship that needs to sail on water and kill enemies in its path with a bomb. Protect your ship!
1008 Blue Block
Blue Block Download Free!

Blue Block

You play as a red block, which must pass various tests. Jump, avoid spikes and help other blocks.
1009 Good Run
Good Run Download Free!

Good Run

In this game, you need to collect all the coins and get to the highest point of the castle. You will have obstacles, but I'm sure you can. Download.
1010 Give To Live
Give To Live Download Free!

Give To Live

In this game, you can jump using the spacebar, avoid enemies and go through the rest of the levels, reaching the finish line.
1011 Shooting Boxes
Shooting Boxes Download Free!

Shooting Boxes

You can test your shooting skills in this game. Boxes appear randomly in the world, and you need to shoot them to earn points, but be careful, as some boxes also take your points.
1012 Space Revolution
Space Revolution Download Free!

Space Revolution

You are in space and you need to kill all the enemies that meet on your way. You also have to kill the boss.
1013 Dupio
Dupio Download Free!


"Dupio" is an addictive and difficult arcade game, with minimalistic gameplay. Where you should use both hands. Dodge your way to the high score, using keyboard and mouse.
1014 Qvabllock
Qvabllock Download Free!


"Qvabllock" pixemalism game with elements of puzzle, with minimalistic gameplay. Collect all the colored squares to take the main green and go through all 30 levels.
1015 Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Download Free!

Christmas Tree

A simple game where you play as a christmas tree that is trying to get some decoration. Collect the baubles and avoid the bombs. Reach a score of 100 to win!
1016 Gibs Experience
Gibs Experience Download Free!

Gibs Experience

You play as a tank. With it, you can kill enemies and get points from him.
1017 Slash All
Slash All Download Free!

Slash All

Try to cut as many fruits as possible. Each level will show you how many attempts you have.
1018 Tap To Turn
Tap To Turn Download Free!

Tap To Turn

TapToTurn is a 3D casual endless runner. Press "space" to turn the cube so it can go through the walls.
1019 Ghostify
Ghostify Download Free!


You are playing as a ghost. In order to survive you have to dodge spikes. Score points to unlock harder difficulties. Collect coins to upgrade your stats, making it easier to survive longer and to collect even more coins.
1020 Flappy Sky
Flappy Sky Download Free!

Flappy Sky

Control the plane avoiding walls, defeating enemies and gaining points! Collect gems dumped by enemies and unlock character skins!
1021 Are You Ready
Are You Ready Download Free!

Are You Ready

More than 10 maps; 4 different types of landscape: forest, mountains, desert, snow; AI, that can dodge your shells and fires ahead your movement; 5 bosses, who need to find strategy to kill their; HARDCORE, NO SAVES AND ONLY 5 LIVES LIKE IN OLD GAMES.
1022 Escape Pluto
Escape Pluto Download Free!

Escape Pluto

You need to hold your plane so that it crashes. By clicking on the space bar, you can fly over the posts and earn points.
1023 Ovni
Ovni Download Free!


You must collect all the colored stones scattered throughout the level and enter the portal. Once all the stones are collected, you can go to the next level. Avoid touching enemies.
1024 The Battle In Kirpili
The Battle In Kirpili Download Free!

The Battle In Kirpili

You can play an exciting and very fun game with your friend. In the game you will be given two tanks, for each player a tank. When you kill enemies, you can earn improvements in the form of additional speed and bullet speed!
1025 Way Of Light
Way Of Light Download Free!

Way Of Light

The light goes out inexorably, but there is one chance to survive-to absorb other light. The light needs to get to the illuminated area, accompanied by nice graphics, non-stressful music and simple controls! And you will be able to save the world? Play now!
1026 Fruitball
Fruitball Download Free!


In this game you have to pass the levels without falling on the spikes. Your characters are in the form of fruits. Do not let them die. Everything depends on you.
1027 Pixel War
Pixel War Download Free!

Pixel War

The planet was attacked by the enemy! The protective barrier can not hold out alien invaders for long, and only your innate abilities as a fighter can give a chance to save the planet.Pixel War is a pixel game with various shock effects. It is a flying game, where the player must fight off opponents who become stronger with time. With each wave, the game becomes faster and more difficult.
1028 Pick Clicker
Pick Clicker Download Free!

Pick Clicker

Pick Clicker is a fun clicker game. You have to be a miner, buy various things that help to develop your mine! Your goal is to save money to get into the Diamond Mine. Not everyone can do it!
1029 Stickmageddon
Stickmageddon Download Free!


s it easy to be a god? Especially when your creations hate you and rebel against you? Negotiations are useless, it's time to act! Don't let them build the portal temple. Avoid destruction of your Totem. Upgrade the power of your deadly skills. Use all of your deity power arsenal to crush their rebellion! Smash the disobedient stickment with meteorite, or freeze them and break into pieces. Burn them with lightning and thunder... Or take your fate in your own hands. Let them feel the power of wrath of god. Bring Stickmageddon down on their heads!
1030 Lazy Rocket
Lazy Rocket Download Free!

Lazy Rocket

LazyRocket is a fun platformer. You have to play for the rocket. You need to get from point A to point B, but it is not so simple. To pass the game you have to show dexterity. The main thing is not to run into obstacles and not fly out of orbit. Good game!
1031 Super Jumper
Super Jumper Download Free!

Super Jumper

Super Jumper is a game where you play as an orange slug that has a hard way to go. You need to jump on the platforms and save the slug, because he really wants to return home! Not everyone can save the slug!
1032 N0 Exit
N0 Exit Download Free!

N0 Exit

Explore the mine in search for supplies, weapons and minerals, help team members and detore the most hideous creatures of the underworld and desvendo the secrets buried there.
1033 Bio Soup
Bio Soup Download Free!

Bio Soup

You are the beginning of everything. Maybe you are a cell, maybe a microorganism or a bacterium. Who you are? Choose your path from bacteria to a reasonable subspecies. Eat enemies, beware of those who are bigger than you. Develop your abilities, change your look and characteristics in order to survive. Indeed, you can only become a rational being.
1034 Slime Runner
Slime Runner Download Free!

Slime Runner

Slime Runner is a game where you play as a slug that needs to dodge blocks, spikes, and other evil slugs. You need to get to the very end, not everyone can do it!
1035 Defending Base In Space
Defending Base In Space Download Free!

Defending Base In Space

Space invaders - one of the first games! Destroy aliens, have fun! DefendingBaseInSpace - full clon of this game, you think. But are you sure? Try it and defend base as long as you can!
1036 Trap Adventures
Trap Adventures Download Free!

Trap Adventures

Trap Adventures - an exciting game in the genre of platformer. You have to travel in a mysterious place filled with traps, spikes, poisonous slugs, beautiful trees, and mysterious pillars. You have to go through all the levels, run, jump, dodge - all this in the game Trap Adventures!
1037 Adrenaline Adventure
Adrenaline Adventure Download Free!

Adrenaline Adventure

Run on time to reach your goal, pay attention to your surroundings and avoid dangers.
1038 Super Poop
Super Poop Download Free!

Super Poop

In created a small surprise strikes the divine lightning, which breathed life into a little lump, and then a little surprise realizes that there is no life without a home unless he builds a house... But to build a house is not so easy, you have to go through 7 divine tests in search of materials on the way to a happy dream in building a house...
1039 Cerdocornio
Cerdocornio Download Free!


The galaxy is in danger again, but this time the most modest hero of history will save it. Go to Shoot'em, where you must use all your skills in the section "Calculate the ideal time" using the "Jump-Shoot" mechanism and defeat all your enemies.
1040 Pirates Deck
Pirates Deck Download Free!

Pirates Deck

This is a tower defense game. The pirate island is under attack by pirates who receive help from space creatures, they have a huge army and are going to destroy the base, use towers and weapons to destroy and survive. The player has a machine gun, a laser gun and rocket launchers for combat. After several levels, the Weapons and Tower will be updated automatically. The game comes with simple drag and drop weapons, upgrades and sales abilities.
1041 U Boats
U Boats Download Free!

U Boats

U-Boats is a submarine shooter that pits you in exciting top-down naval battles. You will need to combine submersible stealth with action gameplay in order to complete all your missions, unlock new submarines and tip the balance of war. Explore these heavily patrolled waters in an open world map which allows you to approach each mission as you better see fit, but be careful, your fuel and supplies are limited, so be sure to loot your enemies. Welcome aboard, Captain.
1042 NC Tower Defense 2
NC Tower Defense 2 Download Free!

NC Tower Defense 2

NC TD 2 is a fun and innovation Tower Defense game based in the near future. Featuring more than 30 different enemy units types spread over 22 well crafted levels and with 20 different towers to chose from. You can challenge yourself on the normal difficulty setting or just enjoy the ride on easy. If you think you are a Tower Defense legend give the very hard setting a try it will test your skills to their limits.
1043 Atomic Mega Cosmo
Atomic Mega Cosmo Download Free!

Atomic Mega Cosmo

Atomic Mega Cosmo is an old-school hardcore space shooter with a sleek retro look. There is nothing superfluous, just the time-tested gameplay, the pleasure of which will be able to get both fans of complex games, and those who just want to relax.
1044 Cosmic Station Troubles
Cosmic Station Troubles Download Free!

Cosmic Station Troubles

Cosmic Station Troubles talks about surviving on a space station in deep space. Something went wrong and now all the missile turrets are aimed at the astronaut who will have to dodge them. In this he will be helped by two lifts and a repair kit, which the station generates randomly. With it, you can repair an astronauts costume and increase his chances of survival.
1045 Fly Away Little Birdie
Fly Away Little Birdie Download Free!

Fly Away Little Birdie

FlyAwayLittleBirdie is a simple platform-based runner. In the game you have to play for a small bird, which flies where your eyes look. On her way there are dangerous monsters, in the collision with which the bird loses one life. Since the game is a runner, it is endless and your goal is to score as many points as possible. You will need good finger dexterity to get around the monsters. Good game!
1046 Switcher
Switcher Download Free!


Avoid blocks in this new endless addictive game.One mistake will reset your progress making this game only for hardcore gamers.
1047 Cube Shot
Cube Shot Download Free!

Cube Shot

Cube shot. Someone will like this game for its dynamic gameplay, and for someone for an interesting design. You can compete with friends. You can get weapons from a pistol to a machine gun. The game can last indefinitely, but it depends on the player.
1048 Retflex
Retflex Download Free!


You play as Flex. You need to evade the needles, jump from the earth platform to another. Get points and set records. In a jump, Flex flips for agility. Control the arrows.
MONSTER Download Free!


This game is for those who are tired of the monotonous games. 3D graphics at maximum speed and complex story bored? Then my game is for you. Playing as a little ghost you need to destroy the lord of darkness to occupy his throne! And most importantly, the game will start even on a PC 12 years ago.
1050 Soap
Soap Download Free!


You are a soap that must fight bacteria to restore a healthy life for a person. Don't let in too many bacteria or the person will get infected. Have fun in this new Hyper active game!